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  1. This should be an interfaith effort. The scriptures from every faith defines marriage as a divine union between man and woman, not 2 men, or 2 women. Humanity came from the human prototype that the Creator made, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, nor Anita and Eve. It's sad that people want to get this beautiful sacred institution of marriage twisted. If they want, the LGBT people can settle for civil unions, but not marriage.

  2. Let's remember that the Bible condoned slavery and treating women as second-class citizens. When Jesus told the story of the prodigal son, he mentioned that the father owned a slave, but he didn't condemn the father for doing so.

    Yet, the abolitionist movement was grounded in the Christian belief that slavery was against God's teachings. Oh, and it split the Methodist denomination. That schism lasted until the 1930s.

    I belong to a Methodist congregation that was not fully behind the bishop appointing a woman as our senior pastor. That was in 2001, and the new senior pastor had been our D.S.

    You would that some of our members were traditional Catholics, evangelicals, or LDS.

  3. These sodomites are not going to stop until they get into are everyday life and force us to accept there ways The Bible clearly says homosexuality is a sin and will they will not enter Heaven. These people who say they want to be preachers have probably never ever read the Bible. Keep them OUT I'm not a United Methodist I am a independent fundamental Baptist a hardcore preacher fan these people are wicked. God Said ONE man And ONE women point blank.

  4. Now, here is what the law says about homosexual people, including pastors that call themselves Christians!

    1 Corinthians 5:9-13 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

    “I wrote to you in my letter that you should not associate with people who sin sexually. But I did not mean the people of this world. You would have to leave the world to get away from all the people who sin sexually, or who are greedy and cheat each other, or who worship idols. I meant you must not associate with people who claim to be believers but continue to live in sin. Don’t even eat with a brother or sister who sins sexually, is greedy, worships idols, abuses others with insults, gets drunk, or cheats people. It is not my business to judge those who are not part of the group of believers. God will judge them, but you must judge those who are part of your group. The Scriptures say, “Make the evil person leave your group.”

    Below in 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse’s9 &10(ERV) it says:

    “Surely you know that people who do wrong will not get to enjoy God’s kingdom. Don’t be fooled. These are the people who will not get to enjoy his kingdom: those who sin sexually, those who worship idols, those who commit adultery, men who let other men use them for sex or who have sex with other men, those who steal, those who are greedy, those who drink too much, those who abuse others with insults, and those who cheat.”

    It should be obvious to anyone reading this message that homosexual pastors, priests, or any minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should never be in a Pulpit!

  5. Man why you guys come to the church of God if you wan to be a pastor go gather you own people and worship what ever you worship but sodom is forbidden in the house of God period!

  6. Gay people can worship at Unitarian Church be clergy there. Thats the LBGTQ church. Why waste your time for acceptance at the UMC? Youre just trying to subvert Traditional Christian Churches. Your gay priests say so. They say they are trying to "change" the traditional church to accept gays. Foolish.

  7. I would like to premise this by stating that I strongly reject any and all LGBT activities/behavior.

    Moments like this make me wonder about how God views sin. In God's eyes, all sin is evil and equal. So, to God at least, homosexual acts are no different than lust, or greed, or murder, or jealousy, etc.

    I, in no way/shape/form, would want an openly homosexual pastor ministering to me, my family, or my kids….but in retrospect, I am in no means perfect and have many flaws that God is well aware of.

    So it makes me wonder….he who has not sinned…cast the first stone.

    What is too far? Before we realize that we are in a losing Spiritual battle for our country?

  8. What I don’t get about the whole Methodist homosexuality “debate”… if you’re one of the people freaking out over Methodists upholding the traditional Christian view on homosexuality, why even claim to be Christian? Mine as well just be “Unitarian Universalist” or something if you just want to have a free for all to believe/practice whatever the heck you want while pretending to be “religious”.

  9. Love you all….but Homosexuality is a Sin. Enough said. Get over it and move on. Again, God love's you enough NOT to leave you the same. So change. As stated below…..you CAN'T CHANGE THE GOSPEL TO ACCOMMODATE YOU.

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