25 Comments on “Mexicans march against gay marriage law”

  1. such a shame what this world has turned into. God made adam and eve not adam and steve!! No wonder the end of the world will be soon look how many sins are happening.

  2. gay pepole don't grow up thay party and party leave thare kides behind so why not protest I understand both sides but still if gay people are going to adopt be an adolt and spend time and let the kidz see thare parents

  3. Turning a country with decent values into a liberal hellhole that shames anyone who's not progressive and destroys intellectualism always starts with legalizing gay marriage. Next, they want cancerous feminism and transgender rights that eventually turn into privileges. Before you know it, there are countless genders, using the wrong pronouns gets you fired or jailed, being wrongly accused of sexual assault completely ruins your life, conservative organizations and lectures are constantly banned, you get physically attacked on the streets for having right-wing opinions, cars are lit on fire and houses are damaged by the antifa, etc etc

  4. Oh wow, this comment section lacks maturity and tolerance.
    I think most people down there are just vomiting back their stupidity and ignorance on the internet.

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