Michigan governor to veto bill prohibiting the Pride flag outside government buildings


Michigan governor to veto bill prohibiting the Pride flag outside government buildings

Pride flags outside the Romney building in Michigan in June | Photo: Twitter/GovWhitmer

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is prepared to veto a bill saying only state and US flags can fly outside government buildings.

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The bill, filed by Republican State Rep. Lynn Afendoulis, was in response to Gov. Whitmer flying the Pride flag outside the Romney office building in Lansing for one day in June.

Afendoulis believes it’s ‘inappropriate to promote social policy, even in the form of a flag, on state office buildings.’

‘We shouldn’t be playing identity politics with the people’s property,’ Afendoulis said in a statement. ‘It isn’t right.’

Gov. Whitmer was quick to respond to the proposed legislation on Twitter, saying her ‘veto pen is ready.’

Pride month in Michigan

When Whitmer ordered the Pride flag to be flown outside the Romney building in mid-June, she said it was to commemorate Pride month and to say that members of the LGBTI community should be treated with the respect they deserve.

When she announced this decision on Twitter, she was met with over a hundred responses with people upset about the gesture.

‘Once again Governor proving that your not there to do the work of the people, just to push your liberal agenda, and campaign for your next job feeding off the public,’ one disgruntled Michiganer Tweeted.

‘When will we be hanging abortionist and BLM flags? Stupid, we only should be flying 2 flags the American flag and State of Michigan flag,’ Tweeted another.

Rep. Afendoulis’s bill

Rep. Afendoulis attempted to stand up for these voters in her proposed bill. However, by noon on Friday, 26 July, over 62,000 liked Whitmer’s veto Tweet. Many also pointed out that under the proposed legislation, things like the Prisoner of War flag would also be banned.

This is Rep. Afendoulis’s first term in the State House of Representatives. She has also announced a Congressional run.

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