28 Comments on “Miley Cyrus SLAMS Indiana Governor Over Gay Rights”

  1. 1corinthian6:8 Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body,( example lying , you lie outside the body , stealing outside the body . killing you kill outside your body) but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. FLEE !!that sin will inherit for you a different type of punishement in eternity !! REPENT FOLLOW JESUS DONT BE A FOOL

  2. Just because he's a homophobic and a Christian doesn't give you the right to criticize his beliefs and religion I like LBGT people as humans because were all human in this world but when you practice there teaching's it's just right since the beginning of time marriage has always been between a man and a woman not man and man or woman and woman it's like saying if you have a sister would you have sex with your sister because you want to or your mom obviously not. And also Freedom of Religion you can believe in whatever you want to.

  3. Just so you know God made women to marry men and vise versa I am a catholic and live in Indiana I am just saying what God said "I made Adam then Eve to reproduce" not to be gay or lesbian

  4. Does anyone realize that Miley is a celebrity. I mean who the hell thinks that celebrities know what they are talking about. They get their "news" from the media, which can change and take parts of real things that actually happened. Sometimes I really wish God would bless this world with a cure for liberals.

  5. Honestly as I'm reading these comments its to the point where everyone should live the way they want. This religious argument about gay rights is a double edge sword. At the end of the day I do believe God is real and judgement is coming, but who wants to live in fear? My message to everyone is do as you wish, as you please, stand up for what you believe in whether it's against the minority or not. If you support gay rights, then support it, if you don't support gay rights, then don't. Everyone is accounted for their own life, and I guarantee this whole argument will never be over, EVER because people who believe in God are getting offended and gays are getting offended. No matter what happens people are judged for almost everything, so screw it, do you and forget everyone else who could care less about you

  6. OH SHIT people get to do what they want with their own business it's the end of the world!! For a community that keeps talking about mental strength they sure can get touchy , the idea that if people feel that it is wrong and do not do anything but hurt your feelings is wrong then why can gay people have the right to speak their mind without tremendous lashback nobody here wants to cut your heads off they just want to believe in what they think is right.

  7. If you want to be for gay rights and gay marriage, the dont spread gay stereotypes that we are all sexually permiscuous pansexuals who want to bang everything and everyone.

  8. Having uneducated rich liberal celebrities like Miley to represent you is why Trump won. Do you really believe Miley cares about the poor and needy and gay people, then u need to get your head examined. Celebs and politicians love gay people to stuff their pockets with money.

  9. These reprobate sodomites are stil running after him, but he sticks to his belief & hence proves himself a trusted VP , that America so badly needs.
    Mike Pence for next president

  10. What a brain donor, Using that asinine standard religious fruitloops could say that not being able to marry 14yr old girls infringes on the religious rights, America really seems to be east coast west coast with poorly educated people in the middle, I get why it's called "fly over" country

  11. I hate liberals. Everyone nowadays are going crazy letting boy kiss each other and girls that's nasty and I can't wait till God comes down and and see all this shit happen and he's going to send them to hell

  12. why the hell she would give special rights to sexual deviants and and people who practice there filth Practice you perversion in you own houses but do not flaunt on the streets in public square Get over yourselves you are deceived and your were not born that way Its sin and filth and its spreads disease you need to repent and give you lives to Jesus

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