45 Comments on “Milo Yiannopoulos and Dave Rubin Discuss Gay Rights and Cultural Libertarians”

  1. Did he just say many great artists, inventors, authors – are gay and lesbian…? I thought he said that lesbians are a myth or something

  2. It is so easy to ascribe to the wild-hook up-drug-booze-party, gay sceene, when your 20-something.or even 30-ish. But that changes drasticly when you reach 40, and beyond. Now that we have the right to be ourselves and live the lives that anyone else can live, our mature years as a gay person, can be filled with all the rights and benefits of a straight person, and leave the party years behind. As apposed to being a pathetic old queer siting in the corner of the gay bar, buying drinks for some twink.

  3. this dude dave is boring af. he's just justifying himself throughout the interview, instead of listening and asking interesting questions. waste of time…

  4. Milo is 100% right about the utility of gay men to the left. I feel they will do the same thing to a group that I am, by accident of birth, a member of, when trans rights are more well established. This is why I refuse to have anything to do with the left, even though I am "supposed" to hold those opinions.

  5. Gay people shouldn't be getting married, marriage is a religious institution. Civil union is fine, call it literally anything else with the same rights. But calling it marriage is an obvious attack on traditional values and traditional marriage.

  6. Why would you want a child raised in a spiritual, immoral and psychological unhealthy situations. Children should not be in those situations. Children have the right to be raised in a normal family where there is a father and mother period. They are not a commodity to "play house" lifestyle of sin and immorality forcing them to accept gay lifestyle as normal. It is never a true love because true love is born of a sacrifice for the sake of the other, not in an unnatural way.

    Here are some reasons why Children need father and mother:

    Balance: father and mothers love their children in different ways. Mothers love unconditionally and fathers tend to love conditionally. Each is need for a healthy development of a child.. Without both things can get problematic. One teaches you that you are loved and the other teaches you are loved but proper response is needed from you.

    Relationship: it allows the child to experience both sexes (genders), both same and opposite gender relationships early in life makes it easier to have similar relationship later in life.

    Development: every child goes through their developmental stages with which the mother is better to help develop and for some the father is more complimentary. For example a boy at one point needs to detach from his mother at one point identify and learn from his father how to be a competent men. Same with daughters who at one point need an affirmation of a father rather than later on look for affirmation in wrong choices and places.

    Control: boys and girls need opposite sex parents to control and moderate their specific characteristics.any parent will tell you that boys and girls are different. This gay adaption causes them to experience life in a Narrow way and in opposite sex parents it helps them to expend and relate to the world.

    Those are some simple and easy to understand reasons. That's why forcing gay marriage as normal is a cruel and evil way to force on society especially on innocent children. Even a child that's raised outside of gay marriage would see gay marriage as normal way of having a "family" when in reality it is not. there is only one way family is structured and that's through God who ordained it and human nature that demands it

    Sure single parent from divorce, illness, death etc that's struggling creates hurdles and problems but we shouldn't encourage the reasons above for us to willingly multiply the problems through gay marriage or adaption as a normal family structure. If we do this we will continue to go down spiral and create more issues. It is morally and spiritually insane. We shouldn't even have to discuss those reasons why it's morally and spiritually wrong. It's like sitting down and asking our ancestors why it's necessary to have a mother and father as family structure. Selfish narcissistic individuals concerned with their own agendas are trying to bring their curse upon innocent children. Let's not even discuss how many unborn babies are being dumped into a dumpster daily from abortions. It's either deny the right of life or give them something less that they deserve. Welcome to the new brave world without Christ(God)

  7. I didn’t even know Dave Rubin was gay until about a couple days ago. Not that it would ever matter to me, this is also a testament to Dave for not shoving it down our throats. Love your work Mr. Rubin!

  8. Mother Nature seems to be mentioned in this video as a cause for events and actions. Who and or what is Mother Nature as far as both of these people are concerned?

  9. Mr. Yiannopoulos, you seem to think that only gay people can be intelligent, funny, and love to PaRtY! Hold it right there; you are using identity politics. Some folks, gay or not, love to PaRtY! Some folks, gay or not, love to settle down with a partner with similar goals. I am an old, grey-haired, straight, single, white female, who loves to PaRtY! and is open to finding a lasting partner. Please don't tell me that I am excommunicated from the intelligent, funny, debaucherous group.

  10. Milo is a super intelligent man totally gone off the bloom if ever he was on it and so full of contradictory self internalised hatred it muddy his arguments . He’s just him he speaks for no other gay man than himself and sadly now it’s a deflated life he leads when he was once so promising

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