Missouri Man Arrested After Licking Toiletries At Walmart In Coronavirus Video

Police in Warrenton, Missouri, have arrested a man who recorded himself licking a row of deodorant sticks at Walmart and sharing the video on social media.

The Warrenton Police Department arrested the man and chargers are pending, according to a statement posted on the department’s Facebook page Monday.

In the video, which has over 300,000 views online, the man asked, “Who’s scared of coronavirus?” before running his tongue down a row of deodorants at what police confirm was a Walmart in Warren County, Mo.

The video also has text on it that reads, “I’m a nasty moths ******!!!”

Police say the video was shared not only by local residents, but also was shared by people in “the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.”

Twitter users celebrated news of the man’s arrest saying, “Kudos to the Warrenton, MO police department on their swift apprehension and arrest of this low life,” another said, “Thank you City of Warrenton Police Department, this is not funny.”

The licking toiletries episode comes just weeks after a man was arrested in Belgium for licking his fingers and wiping them on a vertical handrail as he used public transport.

In footage of the incident, the man, who was drunk at the time, could be seen pulling down his face mask before putting his fingers in his mouth. The clip was then similarly shared online.

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