Monroe Co. school superintendent: I am gay

Monroe County School’s Superintendent Anthony Pack released a statement about a sheriff’s office investigation about the misuse of school computers.

Monroe County Sheriff John Cary Bittick says he’s investigating whether Pack misused school computers, or was hacked.

That investigation has prompted Pack to release a statement stating that he is gay.

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Read Pack’s statement here.

“The School Board received information from an anonymous person last week regarding my participation in an online dating site geared towards male relationships,” Pack’s statement reads. “In order to ensure that I am not wasting the taxpayer’s resources or violating policies that we hold administrators, teachers, and students to alike, my publicly-issued work computer, phone, and tablet are currently being reviewed by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.”

On Thursday, Bittick says his department is looking at Pack’s phone, iPad and desktop computer.

That comes after someone sent e-mails to 13WMAZ and others last week showing explicit photos allegedly posted by Pack to a same-sex social-media site.

Bittick said Thurday they’re looking to see if they were used for anything “illegal or inappropriate.”

The sheriff said Monroe County School Board Chairman, J. Ray Grant, called him to request the investigation.

We could not reach Pack or Grant for comment.

Pack’s statement says, in part, that he and his wife are currently going through a divorce.

“Deep personal contemplation, prayer, and a desire to see my spouse as happy as she can be in her personal life, led me to realize that I am gay,” Pack wrote.

Pack’s lawyer, David Dorer, blamed the investigation on coverage by the Monroe County Reporter, which he called an invasion into his personal life. Pack’s statement says he’s cooperating with the investigation by the board and the school district.

Pack has not violated his duties to Monroe County’s school board, taxpayers or students, Dorer wrote.

The Reporter’s editor and publisher, Will Davis, told Paula Rotondo, “We stand by our reporting and the facts in our article, they speak for themselves. We’ve been fair and accurate and that is our job.

“The information was given to us and we reported it and verified it through our reporting.”

Pack also said he’s now on medical leave for an unrelated matter, but did not explain.

Assistant Superintendent Jackson Daniel said Pack was not on the job Thursday morning, and he did not know when he’ll be back.

He would not comment on Pack’s job status.

Pack has been Monroe’s school superintendent since 2008.

Originating Content: 13WMAZ