‘Mother’ Pence Claims Man Who Lost Brother To COVID Thanked Her For Trump/Pence’s Virus Response


While campaigning in Pennsylvania on Thursday, Second Lady Karen Pence claimed that a man whose brother died after contracting COVID-19 thanked her for the pandemic response implemented by Donald Trump and her husband, Mike Pence.

“I had a gentleman yesterday come up to me after a rally and he said ‘I want to tell you, I lost my brother to coronavirus early on.’ and he said, ‘I want you to thank your husband for what he is doing. And thank the President for what he is doing to fight this virus,’” Karen told the crowd.

“And I told Mike that this morning and it almost brought him to tears,” she added.

The second lady’s story was met with heavy skepticism online, with one Twitter user writing: “Really? I’m sure the brothers of Ted Bundy’s victims may have thanked Bundy too according to this snake oil salesman’s wife. So, it is clear the lies are pervasive in this WH.”

“Someone told Karen Pence to thank her husband and Donald Trump for killing his brother?” another wrote.

“He must have really hated his brother,” wrote another.

The coronavirus pandemic has already claimed more than 230,000 American lives.

A new study says coronavirus is on course to claim 511,000 by 28 February as cases surge in many states.


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