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  1. oh grow up people. so what if 2 guys or women marry, its not gonna stop you living your own life, if homosexuality didn't exist you would only find something else to hate and bitch about. lifes to short go live it x

  2. I will continue to teach my children , the way of nature there is no law in this country can tell me otherwise ….. Being gay is a modern phenomenon , a ideology, a illness …. I will vote for whoever will reverse this madness . Please name me one living organism that follows this pattern . I also think its selfish they can adopt children . A child is produced between a man & woman , go produce your own ! It makes a mockery of decent society & our years long religious beliefs , take your rain

  3. over 1500 other animal species show homosexual behavior as well as us and it has been in humanity since before the roman empire at least the evidence is all there.

  4. Christians are meant to only follow the new testament because Jesus closed to scripture…they are done with. So the Bible doesn't actually say anything because the old testament is not meant to be there.

  5. @Bexie1992 stop talking out your arse which is obviously being filled . Name me one not 1500 . This country is going downhill . I say again . Gay marriage is a bigger threat to this country than climate change . God help our children !! Amen

  6. the new testament is for the cherry picking christians who cant even pick the parts they dont like themselves. you can shove your "new testament" up your ass.

  7. haha I'm pagan mate so I'm not Christian so it's not my new testament. I'm just saying that's what Christians are meant to follow as Jesus closed the scriptures which the old testament is made up of meaning that Christians are not meant to follow it. There's no need to get rude.

  8. I think God would be more pissed about us destroying he first creation over a few people loving the same sex as them if not he needs to get his priorities right.

  9. @bexie1992 your obviously a depressed lesbian , there is a new drug out there for you , it's called Trycoxagain . I have googled it and I know the animals you have mentioned dose nit follow the same pattern as you sick modern humans…leave two male dogs or two female cats in a room ,,, bet when you return , it's still only two in there , no babies … Your ill and need medication … Period

  10. british parliament looks like the judge judy courtroom. at least they get shit done… unlike SOME congress' i know -.-

  11. The acceptance of gay people is one of the heroic advances of the modern world. They were sick, scared, and lonely before. But it's even time to move further in empowering all different kinds of left out, left behind individuals' various ways of truly defending their dignity physically in relation to all the laws and circumstances of nature within the tender and free creative earth.

  12. Because we are part of the animal kingdom, or do you think we are superior to species which have lived on the planet longer then us? We are animals too, although our psychological make-up seems to be more complicated in comparison to the other members of the animal kingdom (I'm a psychology student at DE Montfort University by the way).

  13. I think that homosexual people should have all the same rights as heterosexuals. I may be young but I still think their should be equality. I disagree with the bibles view on same sex relationships as they are perfectly normal and I think they should get the same rights in all countries and people should stop being homophobic. Female rights are going up, Racism is stopping but people are being to damn stubborn about gay rights. Equality is all we need.

  14. I love the British Parliament. This would never happen in the US, at least not for many years; by stupidly leaving it up to the individual states, we have made the process preposterously long, and unnecessarily so. Why can't officials just put aside their personal, bigoted, religious views and simply allow two people who love each other to marry? It's a secular, civil marriage for goodness' sake!

    Update: Despite the wonderful supreme court decision made only a few weeks ago, I still highly doubt that any such progress would have been made if the decision was put up to Congress.

  15. Genuine question. Does anyone know the ratio of homosexuals within the Cabinet.. I'm not judging in any way, it just appears, ostensibly, to be an over-represented demographic.

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