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  1. it will, FOR THE BETTER

    because if you allow gays to marry it means ONE LESS INEQUALITY

    yes it's trivial but think about it, if it's such a small issue, THEN WHY KICK UP A FUSS AND HAVE LAWS AGAINST IT?! IT'S LIKE MAKING CO-ED SCHOOLS ILLEGAL OR SOME OTHER RIDICULOUS CRUD!

  2. Im from the U.S. and I love this show a lot. I agree with Mrs. Brown. Everyone should have the right to love who ever they like. People who loves the same gender, or even different races shouldn’t be a big problem, because it is their life not others who judges. Everyone has the right to express themselves the way they think feels right. Loving someone who’s the same gender isn’t killing anyone. So people should mind their own business. Im not a lesbian, but i support those who are gay or a lesbian, especially my friends. We only live once, so make your life count. Enjoy your life and surround yourselves with the people who cares and loves you. There are al-lot of good people out there, and it is up to you to find them.

  3. Hahaha! I just love the guy! He speaks from my heart and I am a Swiss woman!!! And yes! Everyone should be allowed to get married. As the life lesson that comes with it, is tougher then anything else I can think off. So who ever makes it last in today’s world is either elite or still under the spell of religious doctrines.

  4. I don't think people have issues with gay marriage. Its having the parade wearing nothing but g strings and a leaf. There's gay and then there's parade gay. My first cousin is gay and he told me that. It's a valid opinion.

  5. Yes there was a time that Protestants could not marry Catholics, Blacks and Whites could not marry either. Men marring Men, Women marring Women, never heard of. So now that you accept these types of arrangements, Will acceptance of Pedophilia be next? or how about screwing your cat?

  6. I don't care who marries who as long as everybody is kind. Kind to each other, to children, to animals. Please, just be kind. I love Rory's shirt. <3

  7. ?✨?????❤???
    I love this XO✨
    Bless you✨ XO✨Truly
    Thank you so much' Amen✨
    We all need more of this!✨
    Love and happiness no matter'
    An for everyone!✨??
    Oh an bless the midgets to✨??

  8. Homosexuality is a sin against God, promoting sin is deplorable and will lead to a modern day Sodom and Gamorah!

    History tells what happened there!

    Without heterosexual couples there would be no human race.

    Man shall not lay with man, so sayeth our only true Lord!!

    Wake up people, vote No!!! Save your eternal soul

  9. Whenever I hear 'gays deserve the same right to happiness', I always think you'd get more support for gay marriage if you phrased it similar to Chris Rock and said;

    Gays have the same right to be miserable as straight couples.

    Look at your man. You can't tell me that you've never thought 'if only gay men liked women'… And let's be honest men aren't going to complain if you get it on with another woman as long as they can watch.

  10. Not trying to make gay marriage legal, just trying to make marriage legal. No matter what the sexuality of the couple, it's still marriage. Jesus said himself thou who has not sinned shall cast the first stone so all these homophones should probably reread the Bible where the words are coming directly from Jesus (or Pinocchio according to Winnie)

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