Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today


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  1. Adam Lambert – “New Eyes”

    This may be one of my favorite Adam Lambert songs ever. He’s always been the “Plavalaguna” of male vocalists to me—the range speaks for itself. “New Eyes” is such a cool new direction. It’s a funky, trippy seventies moment and also signals it’s time to break out the hookah and absinthe. This track is the first single from his upcoming studio album, Velvet.

  2. Cub Sport – “Limousine”

    The first time I heard this track, I made an audible gasp on the street. No surprise that I’m a Cub Sport fan. The entire album is an emotional journey that takes you on a road of highs and lows. “Limousine” reinforces how versatile and creative this band is, with magical groove-worthy synth pop at its finest that seduces you from start to finish. I’m blushing and not mad at it in the least.

  3. Lewis Blissett – “Sick Thoughts”

    Want to feel old? This 15-year old has me shook. Lewis has nailed a debut track that’s brooding, unique, mature, well-written and creatively arranged. It sounds like someone went into lab with Billie Eilish and Olly Alexander DNA just to give us this gift. Known for his incredible celebrity-endorsed covers, it’s great to see this Gen Z innovation and confidence in action.

  4. Ceraadi – “Loyal”

    L.A.-based sister duo Ceraadi just released this new track which is pure summer feel-good fun. Their smooth R&B and hip-hop vocals make this the perfect song for kicking back in any venue that makes use of good weather, a blanket, and some drinks. The message is simple and universal—trust at the foundation of relationships. This takes me back to the good old days.

  5. Brasko Ft. Saint Pressure – “Lipstick Stains”

    Dripping in sex appeal, this glam rock track is like the backdrop to the messiest of parties you always remember and never regret. It’s the first single off Nashville-based Brasko’s upcoming debut SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR. The striking black/white/cherry red graphic video was inspired by Todd Rundgren MTV videos and features Brasko’s drag persona, Isabelle.

Photo Credits: Adam Lambert courtesy of Getty Images, Cub Sport courtesy of Jennifer Medinaar, Lewis Blissett courtesy of the artist, Ceraadi courtesy of Getty Images, and Brasko courtesy of the artist.

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