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  1. I'm 21 minutes into watching this and I agree with what's preached. The Bible prophecy of Daniel and Revelation, have mapped out America's destiny in the End times, and it ain't pretty.

    Gay marriage and the legalisation of sexual mutilation of mentally unstable people who believe they are the wrong gender is the beginning of the descent down the slippery pole.

    “Protestants! Remember your roots! And see the enemy is even at the doors!”

  2. For those speaking about him being a hypocrite for having tattoos, the context of the scripture reveals that you are not to cut your bodies for the dead or Mark your body for other gods, as idolatry was also a large problem back then, a lot of these things they were speaking of had to do with Jewish Temple behavior as well and wanted to make sure that people knew that idolatry included markings on your skin as at that time they were usually for other deities

  3. i struggle with this because i have multiple gay people in my family and even a transgender.. i wont EVER judge them or call them an abomination. and the problem i have with sermons like this is that its telling us to judge the "unworthy". that's not our job.. thats God's job. do we tell them the truth? yes. say homosexuality is a sin. say its not natural. that's fine. but dont condemn them. there IS a difference. and if you expect a trans person or a gay person to turn to God by watching this sermon.. you are sorely mistaken. it wont work. they wont listen. they will reject the message and say "see! this proves the Christians are intolerant and ignorant!". all you are doing is fueling their hatred.

  4. I HATE this story, my whole life this story, and how Lot OFFERS UP HIS VIRGIN daughters, so that the disgusting town pervs don’t touch the ‘angels’. How sweet! ???

    This story has traumatized me all my life! It’s soooo offensive to me, as a daughter and as a female.

  5. Lot was a rightious man tormented in his rightous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard! You condemn him as an evil dad, but he was outside the door under great preasure and in danger? Maybe he lied to buy time and then once back inside escape by another route? The word of Yahuah calls him rightous of soul so back off his character assasinasion or be held accountable! Later in your presentation you say it's wrong to call out for Christ to return, as if by so doing we let our neighbours down ? When we are actually told to speed the lords return (2 peter 3 verses 11,12, ) and if you read in this same chapter ( 2 peter 3 verses 8 to 10 ) this will again deal with the Calvanism nonsence in other videos you expound, as it clearly states "not wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance!" Shalom in Yahushua

  6. gay people are born that way.nobody chooses to be gay.if god made all man,then why did he make gay man.maybe he just f….ked up.god makes us sick,and demands us to be well.

  7. Thank you Pastor Jeff! God has truly blessed you! To all Christians Please read the following disturbing blog post from a Methodist Bishop who responded to the Methodist Church decision to keep marriage between a man and a woman. Bishop Carter comments on the Special Session: Dear Florida Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    Some are grateful for the results of the Special Session.  And others sought a different outcome.
      All of this will take some time to process. Human sexuality is a topic on which our people have differing views. As evidenced by the vote of the special session, we are a global church with very different contexts. We were not able to achieve contextual differentiation as envisioned by the Commission on a Way Forward. By a majority vote, we passed the Traditional Plan, with some parts ruled unconstitutional.  It now goes to the Judicial Council for review at their next meeting but our existing Discipline language is maintained.
    We are a global church. This is a great gift in that God blesses us with diversity and the gospel is lived and shared across cultures. This is a great challenge in that we have different understandings of the LGBTQ community and, indeed, the LGBTQ persons in our own churches. (WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE TALKING ABOUT?)
    By a majority, the U.S. church seems to favor the One Church Plan that would have more openly welcomed pastors from the LGBTQ community and allowed for same-sex marriage. And, an overwhelming majority of the Council of Bishops endorsed the One Church Plan.
    I am a person of evangelical and orthodox faith and respect those who see this primarily as a matter of scriptural interpretation. I will continue to live my promises of consecration as a bishop by abiding by the Book of Discipline as a resource for oversight and supervision in support of the church’s mission (BOD ¶403). (LIAR FROM THE PIT OF HELL!!!!!!)
    Some believe the arc of history is moving towards more acceptance of LGBTQ people, not less.  Pew Research teaches us that younger generations in the U.S., especially under 45 and more so under 30, will not participate in a church that rejects the LGBTQ community. A letter from United Methodists under the age of 35 was shared at the Special Session, with over 15,500 signatories. A greater number of LGBTQ voices were heard on the floor of the Special Session than ever before. Many of these were younger voices.
    I offer the following words to the LGBTQ community:
    Please know that you are of sacred worth. You are not the problem. You are not "out there." You are present in our churches. You bless us with your faith and your gifts strengthen the church. And my calling, for you and all people, is to remove the obstacles to your experience of the grace of God, and especially in the life of The United Methodist Church.(WHAT?) 

    Ken Carter

    The Bishop's Blog

  8. I am so blessed by Pastor Jeff and his ministry. in reference to his sermon,my previous comment has more information about the Methodist UMC Church that all should know. I work at one of their Youth camps and conference centers as a janitor. Bishop Carter spoke at a required "meet and greet". He condones the LGBTQ community and encourages their sexual practices within the church. Some of the youth counselors are openly gay or bi-sexual. I was informed that at a breakfast meeting it was announced that they would be handing out birth control later that day. THIS IS AT A SO CALLED CHRISTIAN YOUTH CAMP! DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO ANY CAMP! THANK YOU! I am asking for people to take action against this Bishop that he be ex communicated. If the Methodist church refuses then they should not be allowed to call themselves a Christian Church. They are an apostate body!
    In Christ

  9. I'm so grateful that I found Pastor Jeff. It's a terrible thing when you can't go to church anymore and actually hear God's Word preached, as it should be. I've not attended "church" in a long time, but do follow Christ's Word and TRY to live up to His expectations. Although like everyone else, I fall short of His Glory. I often wonder if I'm still "good enough" without going to church…? I wish in my 50 years of being saved, I could remember the Bible half as well as Jeff. I keep praying that He will bestow that blessing upon me, as I'm married to a non practicing Mormon, who still believes in Joseph Smith's prophecy. Every church we've went to slams the door in my husband's face as soon as they learn he is Mormon. I guess it's easier to slam the door, than explain or study the differences. I'm no minister, but I know when God's Word isn't being preached. They certainly aren't "loving their neighbor" when they slam the door closed. I will continue to pray that God removes the veil from my husband's eyes. I'm waiting for the perfect video to have my husband watch, I'm praying that God leads me to the exact one to open his eyes and heart. He's such a good man, but born into a church of deception. Please, keep us in your prayer's.
    Thank you! ??

  10. Shrieking children should not be brought into a place of active adult worship. It is a distraction and takes people's attention away from the work of the Holy Spirit. Leave them at home/in the care of others until they are old enough to actually understand what is being taught in the service. As someone who struggles to keep focus, I can't stand this. Please, keep young children away from adult Christian worship and study.

  11. Just so all the people saying that their kids hate them know:
    Number one, they probably don’t have you, you just find every moment to call them an abomination, disgrace, sodomite etc.. and honestly if you did that to me, I would hate you too.
    Number two, being gay is not sodomy, rape is sodomy, zoophilia is sodomy, pedophilia is sodomy, this… is not, its a COMPLETELY CONSENUAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO GROWN ASS ADULTS. Granted, there’s teenagers who are figuring out who they are, just let them be teenagers, they won’t listen to you how badly you want them to IN ANY CASE ?
    Number three, constantly ridiculing them, or telling your children god does not approve of “that lifestyle” or whatever, will only push them farther away from you and god, because you’re too stubborn to realize, they just want someone to appreciate them for who they are, and to be proud of them.

    Father of two children, married to a man, I voted for trump, I go to church every Sunday, don’t tell me I’m the one being close-minded here, you can have your opinions, and thoughts about how I live my life, but you cannot criminalize my choices, it’s my life, not yours, so fuck off.

  12. Jeff there is a special place in purgatory for horrific men like you, you don't worship Christ you worship evil ignorant ancient men, not Christianity at ALL,

  13. I Enjoyed this sermon.
    The screaming kids in the audience sounds like the Mormon church I use to belong to.
    It Really makes it hard to listen to the beautiful message.

  14. I think that the Luke 6:37 rings true, "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." We are all unworthy of the love of God. If it were not through his grace we would all be going to hell. We are all sinners, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't confront our sins and the sins of others, but we should not judge while we confront these sins. We should confront these sins with love in our hearts. This love should be the motivation to do what we do and say what we say; for if we judge we are inadvertently saying we are better than them for one reason or another, and we are not. We do not deserve gods grace, and we should always be thankful that he has chosen to give it to us.

  15. Why do pastors always feel like they have to justify or explain why they are preaching on homosexuality?

    Because the LGBT community is doing its job of making Christians feels guilty for speaking out against their sin .

  16. I have watched these things happening in this world. What always comes to mind is a tantrumming child and God will let you throw your tantrums. Then he will allow your tantrum. He will back off and let you do it but as every parent he will tire of it. Then as every loving parent he will discipline you. His patience with this world's fit throwing had about reached its limit. His love is endless but he will judge it. We as Christians have to remember remember while we can beg them to come back and do as our father asks. We cannot… WE CANNOT judge them. That is not our job. We can only offer a way to help them stop rebelling and fit throwing and try to keep loving them as our sisters and brothers. Loving someone else can break your own heart. It can be painful but are you willing to break your heart to save your siblings?

  17. Geniunly curious pastor because it’s something I struggle with :::: what are your thoughts (biblically) in regards to getting tattoos? I see u have one on your forearm.

  18. We have freedom of religion. No one in this country has to obey the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Therefore, it's not morally wrong to allow a man to marry a man and if anything we should celebrate their freedom to be able to do so, even if we don't agree with their use of their freedom.

  19. Jeff I totally agree with your biblical stance on marriage only being for men and women. And that a homosexual union is not blessed by God and ultimately not a ideal relationship for the 2 people involved on biological and emotional levels as well.

    However I am concerned that you are purporting that Christian's formed the nation of USA and that because they originally had laws that held some reverence for biblical values it was good. Greg Boyd wrote a good book called "The myth of a Christian Nation". A nation doesnt have a soul. Humans do. A person becomes a Christian and then changes one's lifestyle to be congruent with biblical values.

    How can we expect secular and non believing people to obey and recognize biblical truth and values?

    The USA as a nation might have been formed by some Christian's. But it was also formed by secular colonialists, cultish Freemasons and nominal Christians with a religious spirit and no real understanding of the Gospel but just traditions and religious rhetoric.

    USA also has done many evil things by sustaining and advancing slavery. So it most certainly hasn't had this innocent past and now is suddenly becoming wicked because it embraces homosexuality.

    If you look at Jesus ministry he spoke more to personal regeneration than trying to fix every Pharisee and the whole nation of Israel. If you look at the ministry of Paul amongst pagans who did embrace homosexuality and perverse sexual things. Paul did not try change the laws of Rome or Greece. He reached individuals who then had a personal change in their values and heart.

    In China the government has laws against the church. But they disobey the laws because they know Christ is more important. As Christians who understand what biblical marriage is, we just continue to embrace biblical principles. We cant force non believers via a law to not marry. That's not going to change their heart. We have seen Jesus speak against trying to use law to change a human heart. It does not work… only love and grace changes hearts. So let's keep loving homosexual folk and Gods Holy Spirit will work on their hearts. Let's focus more energy on loving homosexuals into the kingdom than changing laws that cause them to feel ostracised and hated.

  20. You start with the book of genesis and said Mosses wrote the first 5 books of the bible. So Mosses wrote the book after his death? Mosses didn't write those books.

  21. You are wrong about the unclean food…in Revelations it also says that eating the unclean is an abomination otherwise there would be nothing wrong with eating rats or horses or dogs or dead human meat etc. if your hungry. Our Father in Heaven doesn't accept the unclean ever.

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