38 Comments on “My Adoption Story | Ep 1: going to school with Gay Parents”

  1. I’m speechless. The storytelling – these precious video time capsules – the love your fathers have for you and you for them! I’m soo inspired by your sharing and can’t wait to hear more ????!

  2. This is so awesome Ben! I remember the day you arrived! We were all so excited to meet you! It seems like yesterday to me. Fantastic job. Cant wait to see the rest of the videos! Love MC!

  3. I loved this, and since I know your both fathers, and know how full of love they are, i'm so glad they found you so that you could form this beautiful family…love to you all.

  4. Awesome! Thank you. As a parent I’m learning so much from your videos. Truly impressed by your story and your life insights

  5. This is terrific! Thanks for this!! I love it.

    My husband and I brought our son home from New Jersey last month. He's one month old now. I've often wondered how it'll shake out when he goes off to school.

  6. Ben, this was beautiful and incredibly well done!! The storytelling was fantastic, especially with such an honest, heartfelt voiceover. What a relief it was to hear that girl say "that's so cool!" in response to her asking why you had 2 dads. It's amazing how small interactions like this when you're young can affect you the rest of your life. I wonder what it would have been like growing up if she had said something else, but I'm glad that it was a positive experience 🙂 Also awww young Ben. You didn't just make a youtube video, you made a phenomenal short film. Can't wait to see more videos and learn more about your story! As an adoptee, I can relate to having others wonder why my parents don't look like me, but I just openly tell them that I'm adopted. Embracing that is the best thing you can do!

  7. This is such a well put together video, thanks for sharing <3 I'm queer and plan to adopt one day so it's great to learn more about different perspectives of these situations.

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