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  1. Hey everyone! So sorry for the echo throughout. I hope you’ll still get something of value from this livestream. This was my first time doing a livestream with someone else. I’ll fix it for next time! Love y’all SO much!

  2. WOW! That prayer at the beginning of this interview was answered! So many “aha” moments too many to number. Hope you are a God send during these trying times of acceptance in temptations! God bless you both!

  3. This us so eye opening to how Christians have failed in reaching the LGBTQ community and what we need to fit to reach the more effectively. Thanks so much for sharing your testimony.

  4. Allen, thank you for adressing all kinds of Issue, that We go through, thank you for helping us to understand that we're Not alone, and thank you , for opening the Word of God in reference to it!! Keep it up!! God Bless You, both!!??

  5. This will be a long post. Please bear with me. This was a great discussion. I thought Hope did a great job explaining herself. Yet, I will admit it didn't change my mind about anything. The same thoughts and questions I had before the video I still have. I know a lot of gay and lesbian people. Some of them I've known since we were both very young. They never changed. Who they were at 5 is who they were at 30. The same behaviors they exhibited at 5 is the same behavior they exhibited at 30. I don't know what that all means. What does that mean if we are to believe that a person can't be born gay or lesbian?

    I know none of the people I know personally were acting on any type of desire at 5, 6, 7. They just saw other kids that happened to be the same sex and thought they were "cute". That was the extent of things at that age. No one was thinking sexual.

    I went into this video with this thought – it is possible to be born with same-sex attraction. Yet, the actual sin is in acting on the attraction.

    Now, I can't imagine how difficult that has to be. It is only natural for someone to want to act on wanting to be with a person they are attracted to. I'm not even talking sexual at this point. I'm just talking about even wanting to date and just be around and spend time with the person. Even Hope admitted her same-sex attraction never went away. She just stopped acting on it. I know people in the same situation.

    I have never met a person who completely stopped having same-sex attraction – they just stopped acting on it. So…that leads me to what has been my real question all along. Why do people have a same-sex attraction in the first place? I feel like we spend more time addressing the sexual immorality part of the equation (and the person is well into adulthood) and not enough on how people even start to have same-sex attraction at 7. Maybe one day we can get to the root of what is happening for why a 7-year-old boy would find another 7-year-old boy cute. If we can get to the root of that, then maybe we would not even have to deal with this 7-year-old boy growing up and acting on his sexual immorality at 21.

    I always found it interesting that we say people can't be born gay and can't have same sex attraction and yet it is in the Bible. That means this behavior has been going on for centuries. So how did this all happen in the first place? Same-sex attraction has never ended in all of these centuries. That question has yet to be answered for me.

    On one note: I have seen theories about it. The most popular theory so far seems to be that boys who grow up to be gay either did not have fathers in the home or fathers who were not "strong". Instead, the mothers were very strong/domineering and exhibited more "masculine traits". Therefore, these young men attributed "strength" with women and not men. Again, this is just one theory that seems to be very popular. I'm still seeking answers though.

  6. I couldn't get past the echo for more than 2 1/2 minutes. I would liked to have seen it. In the future, please don't monitor the audio live unless it is through in ear monitors.

  7. Hello… Im not here to judge but being in love/attracted to someone of the same sex is not an addiction. Liking/ loving someone of the same sex is OK. Im not homosexual but I believe that one soul that is in a body of a male or female and is in love with another soul that is in a body of the same sex is ok. Yes our body does matter but if two people care about eachother what harm could be done? As long as one or both don't turn to pornography or cheating it's fine. Im sure god puts certain people/souls together for a good healthy reason especially when those people are actually in love but also the same sex. When souls go to heaven the body no longer matters. It just comes down to how our souls matured and believed in god in this world of trials.

  8. please stop acknowledging someones sexual preference as a minority group, no one knows by looking at you that you're gay unless you tell them for some strange reason, therefore LGTBQ whatever other letters, is not a minority group, who knew one day there would be a 'gay card' to play. its really insulting to ethnic minorities, to now have to take a back seat to "gay rights", when the discrimination against blacks hasn't even been resolved yet, btw people of color are discriminated against based on their physical appearance ALONE not by whom they sleep with, THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

  9. I struggle with impure thoughts of my ex, if I can be honest? The sex was great she focused on me and I focused on her. There's a serious lack of intimacy in my marriage? And I've spoken to my wife about it.but there's no change. Can you guys as my brother's and sister's in christ give me some tips or advice on how to deal with these issues? Thank you and God bless all of you

  10. First, it is NOT a lifestyle.

    Second it isn't a choice. You can choose to accept it or not, but you're still gay.

    Third, I wish people would just sit down without the emotion and LISTEN to each other.

    Me, I have a hard time trusting some Christians; they seem to want to hurt us.

    I also dont like certain part of the LGBT community. Too much 'showing off' and making everything about them.

    I dont like the lack of compassion and empathy of both some Christians and the LGBT community.

    My opinions from an Asatruar / Heathen who is part of the community.

    My 'struggle' is learning to accept/respect myself and not let the haters define me and how I should be.

    I dont have a problem with god; I have a problem with some of his followers. People who use religion as a weapon against others.

  11. Old people like this lady can live without sex because of diminished drive. Most younger people can't live without sex and 80% of Christian singles sleep around, and more than that use porn.

  12. 22:00 I love what she said there because it's like there's no such thing as a Tomboy anymore because a person is quick to call a girl gay because they prefer more masculine activities than feminine ones. Girls these days are more and more confused and think they're gay because they're Tomboys and the more they feed into the thought of masculine makes you gay the easier it becomes for the enemy to convince them they are gay.

  13. As a Christian of imperfect nature I have been struggling against the lgbtq community. I see them persecuting Christians. I have known some nice gay ppl individually, but would never attend a gay wedding.

  14. This is a great talk and its great to talk about this aloud, however lets just remember that the purpose of the cross is when we surrender all to him He WILL renew our minds, having the desires to want a woman (from a woman) means that you can either be tested or satan can try to revisit it by tempting again. Theres a video that talks about demonic doors. deliverance doesnt mean you wont be tempted you again it means that you now have Jesus with you when that temptation comes again. You will have to choose to close that demonic door for good. Those demonic spirits do try to reattach itself back to you. thats why we need to really watch what sins we are picking up and what doors we're opening for our children and their children. Sin effects your family line. This is how generational curses start. And like i said this is a great "talk" but to have bigger faith, close those demonic doors and he will renew your mind! You wont have those desires and lust for it, but you will REMEMBER your sins! God only has the power to forgive and forget. We dont have the power to forget!

    Those of you struggling with ANY sexual sin, pray and fast. pray and fast. And watch what God will do for you ??????? im humble and thankful everydayyyy! everyday!

  15. Hope, you give me hope. 🙂 Seriously, thank you dear. Such a war is waged inside ourselves with this topic; can attest to an aching to reach out, but hesitant due to my own weaknesses and fears of driving others away from the Lord. Your advice is very wise, thank you. God bless and keep you, in Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

  16. I personally always say that what they do is something else, not marriage. They can still keep looking for a name for it, but marriage is defined in the Bible. It is when a biological man and a biological woman come together and become one flesh.

  17. I got a little excited when she hit on the point that society will tell you the lifestyle you should live or follow based on your tendencies. I havent heard anyone talk about that yet i think about it all the time. I was a tomboy and i wore boys clothes sometimes, but i was also girly when i wanted to be and i think i am still that way but i thank God that no one planted that seed in me, telling me that because i liked sports and boyish clothes, then i MUST be a girl that wants to date girls or live as a male. i've even had people try to tell me i am lesbian or assume i was, but by then i knew that was not a possibility nor a path i would ever go down because i knew better in that regard.

  18. Suggestion, before anybody start evangelizing somebody else make sure that you know the Bible well and you live closely to God because you could risk to be converted, always keep your eyes open so you don't fall into temptation while lifting someone else.

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