45 Comments on “My friend's big gay marriage proposal”

  1. Wtf is wrong with these guys….wait!! was there a marriage proposal somewhere in between??? Their friends really need to respect and provide some space as something serious was happening…congratulations to them but kinda sucked…

  2. This vidéo made me uncomfortable ,the Guy was playing with other guy's pen before he even propose to him and the fact that hé is being sluty and let others slap his ass or touch him is discusting .The worst part is that the proposer ain't giving à shit about it

  3. Study has proved that average gay relationships last only 5 years. If it is longer than it is usually open relationship or relationship from benefits. To me it looks like they are in open relationship, that is why he was not upset about his boyfriend messing around with other guy. Most of Irish gays are in open relationship.

  4. Well I'm gay but I think the whole environment is just horrible. And I wouldn't find it pretty to see my boyfriend simulating oral sex on one of his friends in front of me. I'm glad to find people in the comments section who think like me and don't act like the assholes in the video just because being gay. I'm really sad for the guy who proposed.

  5. When he went into the kitchen & said he was nervous and was going to propose. I was hoping it wasn't one or the 2 guys in the grey & white tee shirts. It was & I'm kind of thinking he deserves better!!

  6. That dude was just on HIS knees blowing the other guy. This is why I hate pride. Should feel shame. I’m ashamed. Gay marriage should be sacred. That guy didn’t even give a shit about the proposer. Was happy he was getting a trip though.

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