13 Comments on “Nancy Pelosi on The Future of Gay Marriage”

  1. How can she possibly be so full of shit? Society has operated for thousands of years based upon a very simple concept: the family. There is absolutely no reason for homosexuals to even become married, if not for a TAX BREAK. The whole idea of giving the tax break was to reward the institution of a traditional family and promote stability in society.

  2. Pelosi says that marriage is an issue of the state but to provide an unequal foundation for marriage rights is to say that we are not equally American.I believe that marriage is marriage–that if gays are allowed the privileges of marriage equality in one state that it should be the same in other-that it should be a federal issue, not a state one.

  3. Whites are not denied to married Blacks in one state over another. American children are not denied public education in one state over another. Why should same sex couples be faced with the backdrop of state subjectivity?

  4. This goes to show you that the world is evil I'm a Christian man says in the Bible man shall not lay with other man slowly but surely the Democrats liberals want to push God out of their lives and America.

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