33 Comments on “No Gay Marriage Here: The Northern Ireland Story | BBC Newsbeat”

  1. So many of Northern Ireland's Protestants are such bigoted, narrow-minded and backwards people. They want to be part of Britain, but not anything like Britain.

  2. It's about time the BBC got some treatment for its obsession with all things LGBT. Creating awareness and encouraging equality is one thing but for the BBC it literally is turning into OCD and an unhealthy infatuation.

  3. You're right about most things but it doesn't take days for the bonfires to burn out, by the next day they're all burnt away (it's fun whilst it lasts though)

  4. They believe in “Britishness” right? They do know the rest of the UK has legalized same sex marriage? Queen Elizabeth’s cousin was just the first royal to marry someone of the same sex. His ex wife “gave him away”. Talk about being progressive! Lol

  5. Marriage has always been a predominately civil institution. Marriage is not a religious term at all. It was only taken up by the Church in the 11th when they saw an opportunity to make money from it. There is evidence of Male + Male marriage existed in the doomsday book I believe

  6. If you don't wanna gay marriage don't get married to same if you don't want to engage in LGBt activities. DON'T. It ain't hard.
    I mean I think some religions are bullshit but I don't ban them. Nor ban them.

  7. I love women, even though I don't understand them sometimes! I am happily married, but sometimes I see attractive women and I desire being with them. It's in my nature as a male, I feel an urge from inside. I know I would really enjoy being with more women, but I don't do it because I know it's wrong! How would people view me if a gather a punch of Men who think,and feel the same way, and we go around in parades and marches demanding people that they should accept us just how we are? And anyone that doesn't accept are way is discriminating us! What would happen if we start demanding laws that supoort our male nature?

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