Nomi Stone reads "Gay Marriage Poem"

Nomi Stone reads "Gay Marriage Poem"

Nomi Stone reads Jenny Johnson’s poem, “Gay Marriage Poem” Nomi Stone: POEM: Gay Marriage Poem AUTHOR: Jenny …



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  1. I smiled when she said she was newly married, doubly smiled when I saw the title, then she mentioned roller skates… I'm paused before the poem has even started feeling gratitude that she has shared so much already. I hope this makes my cheeks ache smiling…

  2. This channel is an ethical gold mine!
    I am french and it's even more complicated for me to discover poetry in english language
    what I love so much about this channel is that every poem is different, the people you invite are so different and I can discover so many poetry books, so many different styles and personnalities of modern poets, I can build a culture and make preferences, and just randomly dive into something new every time
    It is so refreshing
    For me poetry was to look for in books of long-ago deceased people, I was not much aware of modern gifted poets
    And I would also really like to discover old poetry also, of course but to see modern people writing is great, to know you're living in the same time frame than them
    I don't always understand everything which is a bit of a trouble to get immerged in the text but by looking up the words I'm slowly but surely improving my english
    I stopped this poem like 4-5 times to check up the words

    Big thanks to the whole Ours Poetica team to bring me beautiful, modern, and fully diverse english poetry

  3. It's interesting to me to hear in this video that this poem is read by someone who is married and at whose wedding this poem was read. The poem, while not exactly anti-marriage, seems like it's saying marriage doesn't really cut it, that the speaker would rather something else that means more to them.

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