Northern California City Denies Permit For So-Called ‘Straight Pride’ Parade

A Northern California city has denied a request to hold a so-called “straight pride” parade in a local park after organizers lost their liability insurance.

Modesto city officials on Friday denied an application by the National Straight Pride Coalition to host an Aug. 24 event at Graceada Park in Modesto, Calif., The Associated Press reported.

The group will be allowed to hold a rally at a downtown plaza if it can provide proof of insurance by Tuesday, Modesto city spokesman Thomas Reeves told the AP.

Don Grundmann, the event’s organizer, said he expected as many as 500 people to attend the rally in support of heterosexuality, Christianity and white contributions to Western civilization.

Grundmann told local news outlet CBS 13 last month that the rally was intended as a cultural celebration in response to “anyone that supports the LGBTQ lifestyle.”

“Essentially, it boils down to two religious views of the world,” Grundmann said. “One is Christianity, which is represented by heterosexuality, a culture of life, and its opponent is the LGBT movement, which is represented by an opposing religion and an opposing view of life.”

Opponents argued the rally would promote hatred of LGBTQ people and minorities.

Chris Holland and other Modesto residents plan to stage a counterprotest.

“They are dressing up their homophobic agenda as a celebration, which mocks everything that pride is about,” Holland told the news service.

A similar request to host a “Straight Pride” parade in Boston was approved, making national headlines.

Super Happy Fun America, a group that “advocates on behalf of the straight community,” was granted the city’s permission to host the parade on Aug. 31.

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