34 Comments on “Our Gay Wedding”

  1. Wow. I think guest signing next to their pictures in the book is so unique and beautiful. The very best memoir to have for wedding memories. ??

  2. You guys are a beautiful couple! Congratulations on your 2-year anniversary that's either here or coming!! If your husband has yet to go to New York' take your other half to New York and have a great time!! Or do some things that's not going to cost much money like going to Yosemite!! Or just an amazing weekend in Las Vegas and check out a show!!???

  3. You guys are lucky to live in your country.
    In my country getting merried with man as gay is against the law….. I have my bf but we can't get merried how's sad is it

  4. Congratulations to you both. Very inspiring. I've asked before but it went unnoticed…. will you both tell us where your families are from & where they traveled from?? ?

  5. As a gay man,these 2 make us look so shallow and simple minded.Having had the same partner for almost 36 years,never felt the need to post a video,and show off.The gay community is soooo not working.

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