Our wedding venue canceled because we're gay

Our wedding venue canceled because we're gay

I still can’t believe this happened today and is even a thing we need to worry about in 2019. I guess moving forward we’ll have to be sure to be upfront with the …



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  1. There’s two sides to every story.

    Here’s my two cents:

    After all the incompetence you’ve had to deal with why would you still want to give them your business? Such as long periods of no communications. Phone errors ect. The cruise scam. I get those too when I go through marriot from time to time. But overall I’m very satisfied with how I’ve been treated. I’ve stayed with my various boyfriends and hookups at marriot properties many times.

    They’ve dropped the ball on so much already. Do you really think you can trust them to handle it going forward even if they wanted to? Mexico isn’t Canada. It’s a different mindset. They don’t follow the ethos of instant gratification or the customer is always right to an absurd degree you see in america.

    And are you so sure there already wasn’t another wedding booked? Or another event?

    You also referenced you being an influencer as an in to get a discount. Maybe that turned them off. It’s turning lots of businesses off. Reason being is paying customers now have to pick up the slack when owners take the deal. I would really love to know how you treated the customer service reps on the phone. I’d bet rent money you weren’t a polite Pete yourself. I can already see and hear you mentioning you being a social media influencer and celebrity upon every other sentence. And I’ve seen plenty of my share of social media influencers coming into my workplace acting entitled. Like they are above the law and expectations of appropriate behavior. Demanding immediate special favors in exchange for “exposure” and the empty promise of more business. Which rarely happens and usually costs business money because other self important influencers try the same thing.

    If you really want to use your social media to help a firm be a paying customer first try out their product or service and if you like it advertise for them. Otherwise it comes off as disingenuous.

    Finally Mexico isn’t Canada or the United States. You might have come off as a jerk to the employees. You don’t speak spanish and english might not be her first language.

    In my travels to china japan austria czech republic spain germany hungary uk netherlands belgium and mexico I have had to navigate the oceans between my own cultural mores and others. In my line of work at an airport I’ve had to translate, this requires more than just rote memorization. It requires knowing the cultural reference points. You’re video here shows no attempt to understand any of that for the mexican people. It’s just shy of racism as a matter of fact.

    Maybe after all the remarks you made to the woman she wasn’t interested in taking you on. Maybe the resort had poor telecommunications infrastructure and wasn’t getting your voicemails. This happens. Even in Canada.

    And no offense but they might look upon your behavior as just another pushy gringo demanding that the locals abandon their culture and traditions to fit you.

    And the fact you’ve sucked HQ on them isn’t going to win you any favors any time soon.

    In short I want to hear the recordings of what you said over the phone to the hotel employees.

    I expect a flame war or a call for me to be fired for wrong think for this comment.

    Bring it on.

  2. Hi, sorry for this fiasco. Plan your wedding in secluded and charming and GAY friendly Yelapa. Small village that can benefit from your guets tourism and has many beautiful places to choose from. My wife and I got married there, fell in love there, lived there….. PM me if interested. Again, sorry. (I have videos of Yelapa on my youtube channel)

  3. I’m really sorry for you.
    Sheraton is a catholic and horrible hotel, not recommended.
    Look for Sunset Plaza Beach Resort and Spa, you can have your wedding over there. Resort with a really good location, close to the airport and downtown. Beautiful place, you have a butler 24/7 looking afterwards you. We have wedding planner that will help you with everything!❤️🎉
    If you are interest answer this comment for more info!

  4. My partner and I have stayed at Buganvilias 5 times over the last decade. Never again. We've spent thousands of dollars there. Some of their staff has looked at us a little sideways but this is awful.

  5. Awful situation but trying be positive is cool for you because that hotel is ugly. I went to a wedding there and to be honest is no the best. The rooms are ugly and the beach pfffff horrible! You will have a beautiful wedding on a perfect place ❤️

  6. Something doesn’t quite sound right about his complete version of what happened. There is no dispute about the email, but some of the things he said leading up to that point… just isn’t sitting well with my spirit. After watching this video, I could tell you the portions of his story that is HIGHLY suspect.

  7. Subscribed! I'm sorry you went through that, but the way you told the story got me laughing my ass off, and when you got to "It's not in Uganda," I completely lost it. 🤣

    I'm glad you got a better outcome. It's great that you went through that, so to speak, to call out these big brands on their shortcomings.

    I loved the video. You're awesome!

  8. Wow, at first I thought you were refused inside Canada. Am so grateful it’s not Canada refusing you. It’s always doubly hard for gays, I suspect everywhere but here in Canada I’d hope we are generous enough to be accepting and respectful. Am sorry this happen to you folks, regardless where. I think the place and phone numbers are suspicious and perhaps it’s a blessing that you stay away from this corruption of laws and culture.

  9. I personally would like to apologize for this stupid People.
    Im mexican and i work at Marriott too, and trust me this doesnt represents who we are.
    I hope everything goes Perfect…

  10. I can’t believe how whiny you are, how completely narrow-minded you’re being too. You claim to travel a lot but there is no evidence that you’ve actually broadened your horizons through travel. My guess is that you remain in your little gay bubble no matter where you go.

  11. Sadly just because marriage quality has passed doesn’t mean you can get married wherever, there are only 4 churches in a 10 mile radius around me that I could get married in, so I wouldn’t even be allowed to marry in the same church my parents did

  12. You are a very patient man to deal with all that Josh. I wouldn't really think much specialization would be necessary !!! I think it's good you didn't end up paying a deposit and booking them because all along they didn't seem very professional (even aside from the homophobia).

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