39 Comments on “Parents React to Children's Book With Gay Marriage”

  1. That kid would not like my reaction. the one interviewing them. I would instantly let him know that the people that are putting these books and the reach of children are nothing but demons being ignorant little puppet humans and living for the devil. Their demonic spirits would instantly manifest in anger as proof that they do themselves carry a demon and these demons are out for your children

  2. You can tell it's a fairytale because the two gay men are allowed to marry instead of being set straight, as they should. Disgusting indoctrination of the young.

  3. This is such a great story….
    It's such a great message to kids
    Kids should learn that the world is different!
    As a gay person I absolutely love diversity in things

  4. So, this video is amazing, and I really love it! It's great to see such open mindedness from people, even if I watched this video waaaaay late. As I was scrolling through the comments though, I noticed A LOT of homophobic remarks. It damn near broke my heart. And the worst part is that I'm not even mad. All I feel is pity for these poor, narrow minded people.

  5. Why push such degenerative agenda onto kids? Knights find princesses not princes. It's unnatural, not normal. Amounts to nothing. It's a waste. A knight and a prince can't have a family. They'll have to go outside of the natural what to have another member. Why promote such garbage onto the world. That's why such relationships are not encouraged. Gay fairytale ??

  6. I don't see why you would NEED to have to come out or have a talk, love is love, just bc they're in love with the same gender doesn't make them different in any way, shape, or form. People shouldn't have to tell their parents who they prefer if straight people don't. Why are we any different, why are we the ones who need to be explained to kids? It was just like this when black people were accepted. But they should've been accepted in the first place no? And women, we weren't allowed to vote until we stood up, when we should've been allowed to to begin with. Can you imagine having to explain to your kid this sudden change of blacks being allowed to vote or allowed to use the same drinking fountain? No one is any different, being gay or lesbian or trans or pan or bi or whatever you are, does not need to be accepted or considered different or need to be explained to kids. We are people. We aren't any less based on the lips we kiss. What if it was flipped, and you had to come out as straight? "Oh Jimmy liking girls is just a faze!" But it isn't. You like who you like, and why is being gay a faze if you're a kid or teen? If you weren't really gay you wouldn't have even thought about kissing the same sex. I rest my case.

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