47 Comments on “Pastor Refutes Homosexual Heretic on Gay Marriage”

  1. Dude great find we need to take a stand against false teaching, and exposing evil and the tongue is a mighty weapon and this is a great example thanks for the upload will share.

  2. Please stop comparing racism to homosexuality, homosexuality is not a race…By the way, can a person say that he is an adulterer and cheats on his wife is a gift from God???? Nope!! And the guy with the collar is using every canard he can…How embarrassing!!

  3. For the record, Jeffress believes that non-Christians have less religious freedom than Christians. He argues that Muslim high school students can be forbidden to pray at a public school graduation and that mayors can forbid Jewish menorahs from town squares.

  4. Wow who is this priest???? What the heck is going on God help us. These issues shouldn't even be debatable! Bible flat out says it's wrong. His logic "I was born with a predisposition to sin and there for we should celebrate this God given gift of sin." I can't believe this I'm just sick to my stomach!

  5. The country becoming politically correct is making it's positions weak, the people weak, and the core of their arguments ignorant.
    If you ran a Bakery and a white guy walks in and asked you to cater his Nazi rally and you refuse, are you refusing because he's white and you're a racist, or are you refusing because you will not support a Nazi rally?
    Is not supporting a Nazi rally an attack on the guy personally or bigotry against white people?

    Now replace 'White Guy' with 'Gay Guy', and 'Nazi Rally' with 'Gay Marriage'…..get the picture? An no, I'm not equating Gay Marriage with Nazism….if you cannot see the point, then you're willfully blind, or you're an idiot.
    If the Baker refused to cater a birthday party for a gay person because they are gay, then you have an issue of bigotry and have cause for concern.

  6. Odds are that this gay man was raped/molested as a child by a same sex adult or the victim of a same sex adult. To use prison documentary lingo this man was "turned out". He was raped enough times that he learned to enjoy it. It happens in prison every day.

  7. The man on the right wearing the bright red tie is a well known closeted homosexual in his local community. It's almost as if they think that by preaching God's word, they can be excused for all their own sins. Like some lifelong "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.

    Of course homosexuality isn't a sin anyway. Pedophilia… now that's a different thing altogether eh?

  8. That priest faltered several times through the pastors rebuke of his perversion to the point where I KNOW his heart was racing, and his palms were sweaty in the face of the truth.

    when the truth(God's word ) is spoken…lies lose their strength.

    that so called priest loves his flesh; and to think that he has a so called flock to lead ?!?!!!

    Oh Father, help us!!!

  9. "I respect your opinion, but I don't agree with it" or, alternatively "you have a right to your opinion".
    It always fascinates me how liberals (the "peaceful" variety, that is) always blab that out as an attempt to be the one who finishes the conversation and faking some sort of moral superiority, posing as the "respectful and democratic" of the two.

  10. Jesus was more about issues of the heart. When we get our heart issues straightened out, everything else will fall in place. This man (?) is confusing race (God's choice for man) and homosexuality (man's choice for man).

  11. He's supposed to be a leader of spiritual things, yet that "Man of the cloth" is totally ignorant on so many things. But on the point of slavery, slavery in the Bible (indentured servitude) was different than the slavery practiced in the USA, which is what he's referring to.

  12. I love this pastor's logic! Homosexuality was wrong, is still wrong and will always be wrong, wrong, wrong. Sorry for all who takes offence but I'm just spreading the wonderful word of my God. Christians, I implore you to stand firm like this white pastor in your belief. Especially in these last days on earth. God bless you all.

  13. セスグリーン, you said: "Still don't understand how these arguments are happening. The Bible is as clear as possible on homosexuality being a sin."

    It is clear to believers, but like with all clear biblical teaching, "The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned" (1 Cor. 2:14) and also many "by their unrighteousness suppress the truth" (Rom. 1:18b).

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