38 Comments on “PBS Arthur Cartoon featured a same-sex wedding with Mr. Ratburn”

  1. the devil got a sodomite and pedophilia agenda, that sodomite obama started, and legalizing his own marriage to a sodomite big mike, he opened the door of pedophilia… even the worse ruler; Caligula, didn’t dare shake his feasts to God as sodomite obama did, by committing an abomination to God he legalized sodomite marriage

  2. At this point imma monitor what my kids watch on tv and in YouTube…because no offense but I don’t want my kids to be homosexuals…yeah yeah I’m a hateful monsters some people would say…I just don’t think it’s right you’re pushing/forcing an ideology to kids.

  3. Will you be doing a collab with the amazing Lucas? You dudes have similar content ideas and a the same view it would be great!

  4. The Loud House is a cartoon that constantly has the gay agenda on it. The main characters best friend has 2 gay dads. And also a few of his sisters are gay, one episode had her going on a date with another girl. I'm sure there are many more cartoons as well. Trying to make sure children accept gay as normal. SMDH

  5. I grew up on Rocko's Modern Life where in one episode Rocko said he liked rainbows and had a mob of people coming after him after they said it was "disgusting" haha need more shows like that

  6. That's like a male cat fucking a male gorilla. Inter-species homosexuality / bestiality. All we got to do now so in underage kid in the mix. And you will then equal super perf!

  7. Whom ever put pen to paper ,with this debauchery putting these things into children's Heads , need their heads smacked with a couple of ? Bricks , written by Perverts and Kiddie Fiddler's , Lock the F'S UP.??? .

  8. Just more ridiculous crap from the pressures from the Gmafia to groom our kids into immoral and disgusting values. They can take it from behind but get butt hurt when you tell them you don't approve or agree with their lifestyle. This is tantamount to child abuse or neglect.

  9. Wow!! Kevin and I actually agree on something. Voltron was is the show!! I still watch the reboot on Netflix, even. I couldn’t get with Arthur either. Now they’re trying to get the kids. PBS should be fired for even trying to fill kids minds with that junk.

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