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  1. Arthur is on PBS, so its taxpayer funded. The government BANNED God, Prayer, 10 Commandments, even the Bible itself from our classrooms. Meanwhile, atheistic, racist, eugenics-based Darwinian Evolution is being forced upon susceptible children, the LGBT Agenda along with Drag Queen Story Hours are indoctrinating our youth with the government's stamp of approval with taxpayer funding, etc. Why is it acceptable for the government to dictate ethics-based policies upon the people counter to their religious and moral beliefs?

  2. The same groups that were upset about inclusion 50 years ago were just as upset about minorities interacting on television. Our world needs to become more inclusive and loving, and I'm glad artists are creating shows that shows the positives of the world world as it is. =D

  3. Give me a break lol. The book is written by a man I would never believe that. You are worried about gay people and especially a cartoon. I won't be surprised you dont like blacks, muslims, and asians.

  4. If I die and meet God. And tell Them, “God, I just fell in love with her.”
    I honestly can’t imagine my God saying.. “I can’t believe, you loved her. I’m damning you to hell.”
    Friend, have you ever been in love? Love isn’t shameful, it is kind and pure and good.
    Love is just love friend. Love is just love.
    I know your video comes from a place of love also though, and I acknowledge that.
    But also open yourself up to the possibility that your perspective of scripture may be incorrect.
    There are MANY scholarly books that discuss the verses you spoke of.
    Ancient romans knew nothing of CONSENT. Those individuals who were condemned were acting out of lust. But the two characters in this cartoon have a loving, kind, patient, and Loving relationship.

  5. Even as a Christian myself, I dont really think this is really gonna harm anyone. I'm not gay, and still am not, and I also used to believe homosexuality wasn't right. But you still have to show respect for the people who are gay, lesbian etc. Just because someone is homosexual doesn't automatically mean they're an evil person. And for the other Christians out there, doesn't God also say to love and accept ALL people regardless of pretty much everything. As long as being homosexual doesn't hurt anyone, or cause any problems, or makes the gay people feel bad, I dont see why it should be wrong. I mean, the same applies to heterosexuals too. No rape, no adultery, it applies to both. Also, just because a show shows it doesn't necessarily mean it's encouraging or promoting it. There's a chance it's just informing others. So yeah, I believe now that maybe LGBT isn't as bad as some people draw it out to be. I'm just trying to type this comment that will hopefully appeal to people who believe or don't believe in God or whatever. You be the judge.

    I'm too sympathetic for my own good.

  6. Ok I’m getting tired of other Christians using the bible to judge people. Our savior died for ALL of our sins. Jesus washed peoples feet and spoke with the lepers, tax collectors, and sex workers. If you don’t like gay people that is fine but you are not being Christ like, Jesus loves everyone

  7. This isn’t “sexualizing” being gay- I personally think it’s great that they are showing this so maybe in the future people won’t be so ignorant. Let people do what they want

  8. My gosh, not only are you cherry picking but your reading an updated version of the Bible. Many things are lost in translation and the Bible is a mans construct you sheep !

  9. Have you ever stopped to consider that when this book The Bible was written, people were seriously unclean aka unhygienic? Not to mention, what's the best way to increase your numbers heterosexual reproduction. Its simple to see they knew the best way to get more congregation was through the womb not converting.

  10. Honestly though, why should it matter who somebody loves? It's literally not controllable, when was the last time you chose to be staight? Never, right? Also, according to a 2018 study one in four gay, lesbian, and bisexual teenagers commit suicide because of people like you. Even if god was real, according to you "Christians", he would love them because he created them. And the reason why I called you a "Christian" is because the majority of actual Christians aren't homophobic assholes and a lot are gay.

  11. The only reason that was in there was because a bunch of white guys wrote it from from before common era of course they're going to hate gay people I'm a Christian but I believe God loves everyone and the Bible promotes hate and that's wrong that's a greater sin then homosexuality

  12. Umm I'm just going to say this once to you atheist and the others who accept gay
    Look I believe it is a sin to same sex intercourse but I'm not saying it's bad but if your against gay and someone is trying to push this knowledge into your kids head even though your against it that's like going against your trust that makes it just as bad as someone who is telling you smoking is good ??you wouldn't allow them to influence that on your children would you think about it

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