Pence tells evangelicals to pray for “four more years” if they want to get rich


Vice President-Elect Mike Pence applauds as he comes on stage to deliver a speech to a large crowd at a Thank You rally held at the Giant Center.

Mike PencePhoto: Shutterstock

At a meeting in Kalamazoo, Michigan this Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence told Christian leaders to pray for Trump’s re-election in 2020 to help make the country “more prosperous than you could possibly imagine.”

The word “prosperous” literally means “successful in material terms” and “flourishing financially.” It’s a key concept in the so-called “prosperity gospel,” a key Evangelical belief that God rewards his most faithful followers with great wealth, health and other riches.

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In his remarks, Pence said that the Democratic party wants to make the United States a socialist country.

“It was freedom, not socialism, that ended slavery, won two world wars, and has made America a beacon of hope for all mankind,” Pence said, apparently unaware that the U.S. has an international reputation for racism and ignorance, a reputation worsened by Trump’s empowerment of white supremacists.

“And that’s why, over the next 11-some-odd months, we need to say what the president said in that State of the Union Address, with one voice: that America will never be a socialist country,” Pence added. “I’d just encourage you to keep telling your congregations to pray for America, pray for all the people of America because it’ll make a difference.”

“With four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House, and with God’s help, we’re going to make this state and nation more prosperous than you could possibly imagine. We’re going to make this state and nation more secure than it’s ever been before. We’re going to inspire the world with the heights that we achieve when we keep America great.”

In an attempt to shore up his Evangelical base for the 2020 elections, last month Trump hired his personal pastor, Florida-based televangelist Paula White, to work in the Office of Public Liaison, a fancy name for the department that reaches out to Trump’s supporters.

White Evangelicals remain Trump’s most supportive voting base. A recent poll found that 77% approved of the job he’s doing. Approximately 81% of them voted for Trump in 2016.


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