Pennsylvania’s Governor Warns Transphobic GOP He’ll Veto Their Bill Attacking Trans Kids


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) vowed on Thursday to veto a proposed bill that would ban transgender girls from competing in women’s school sports.

The Republican-backed Fairness in Women’s Sports Act would bar anyone assigned male at birth from competing with female players.

Gov. Wolf, who has been a supporter of trans rights, released a statement in early April when the bill was first introduced.

“The governor has been clear – hate has no place in Pennsylvania, and that includes discrimination. Any legislation designed to deny opportunities to certain children is both disturbing and dangerous. Trans youth should know that they belong, that they are valued, and that their participation in school activities is welcomed. The governor would veto this type of legislation.”

As the Republican-majority legislature continued to move forward with the bill, Wolf took to Twitter to spell it out for them: “I’ll veto this discriminatory bill if it gets to my desk,” he wrote.

Republican lawmakers in more than 20 states have introduced legislation to ban or limit transgender athletes from competing on teams or sports that align with their gender identity. Laws banning transgender women and girls from participating in organized sports have been signed in Idaho, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama.


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