‘People Are F*cking Dying!’ Twitter Slams NYC “Rona Rave” As Pandemic Rages Outside


Instagram videos showing what appears to be a group of several dozens New York City men throwing a private circuit-party-like house rave has gone viral on social media.

Twitter users dragged the “rona rave” attendees for potentially spreading the coronavirus to each other as city hospitals continue to battle the deadly pandemic.

“People are f*cking dying left and right and the gays are having full on house parties on a Monday night in NYC. JAIL,” wrote Twitter user Phillip Henry, who shared several clips from the party.

“I’m petty, so while they have deleted the entire story, trust and believe in a year I will bring this video right back up via ‘memories’ and tag everyone to remind them why things still haven’t fully recovered. I set a reminder through Siri,” Henry wrote in a subsequent tweet.

According to NYC Public Health’s lastest update on May 5, there were 171,723 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 43,383 hospitalizations and 13,724 confirmed deaths.

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