10 Comments on “Police clash with Far Right at Pride parade in Poland”

  1. I hope the cops crack some fash skulls. You would have to be a real idiot to be a polish fascist. They were right near the top of the shit list back in the day.

  2. Have y'all thought yet your hate has been whipped up by those afraid of y'all? Like what would happen if y'all turned that anger on those destroying the ground your loved ones survive on, and stealing all your $ and resources with laws and taxes y'all never agreed to? #ClimateStrike ?☮

  3. This os propaganda because you show in this video only kibols. Why you not show normal people, women, guys, girls, mans itc ?? We survive everything. LGBT ideology not destroy our country becouse we are STRONG ! sorry for my english 🙂 Slava Slovianom ! Great Poland !

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