35 Comments on “Police Clash With Far-Right Protesters at Pride Parade in Poland”

  1. How come normal, everyday citizens are labeled as “far right” protestors? Why does American/British mainstream media deliberately lie? I was a protester in the Białystok gay pride parade (organized by left wing groups, especially from Germany, America, & Israel). I’m not far right by any means, I just don’t want this LGBT ideology shoved down our throats. Majority of Poles don’t.

  2. Police use force and pepper spray on Innocent Protesters to Protect Pervert Pride Parade in Poland, funded in whole or in part by the Gay Mafia NWO BEAST Agenda. Wikipedia

  3. Look, I'm a Christian, the bible under the old and new covenant calls homosexuality a sin so if you have a problem with it, take it up with God. However, none of this makes me "far right".

  4. I saw a bunch of people (including women!) that have gone through terrible times, the 35 yrs and older have even been brought in communist/socialist times. With this in mind I see a bunch of people that are not even fighting, they try to have a peacefull demonstration. Sure, the men look intimidating, but these men are hard fuckers. They know even most gay people don't like these 'prides', because the whole dynamic is so agressive and constricting, and I also think these parades always look like the parades nazis supposedly held before the war. Anyway, that's just me, and who the fuck am I, right? Life is Suffering, but Work makes Worth. Ok, thnx, byey!!!1!!1

  5. "Pride" parades are so superficial, hypersexualized and commercialized. Sexual orientation is not an achievement nor is it something you should celebrating. You shouldn't be ashamed of being who you are and can have self pride, but stop shoving this crap down peoples throats with these flamboyant, pervert parades. It's an eyesore.

  6. Welcome to my world , bewildered people : I wish you strength of character.
    For years , years and years , ever since I was handed a single sheet of paper by a skinhead in Peckham , South London , in the ' 70's , I've been resisting.
    I'm patriotic : so I'm " Far Right " ; I believe in separate ! nations , living in international peace , journeying-to , holidaying-in , each others' lands , but NOT setting-up colonies , which African, Asian and others have done in the West , which was objected to , when The West did it , so I'm " Far Right " ; now , because very few listened to anything other than the Liberal-Agenda , the materialistic, devil-sponsored agenda of Godless , amorality , it's worsened. Now , those who were co-opetating with it all , can join me ! in being " Far Right " : why ? Because now you are , ( if as in this video of Poland ) , you don't want your son to believe that he's a woman ; or , your daughter to believe that she's a man. Soon , I imagine , now that people are having sex with robots , you'll be " Far Right " , if you don't want a microchip in your arm. Anything , anything at all which isn't Reletavist ; which IS Christian ; soon , anything the Devil , whether you believe in him or not , should like in actuality or by association in thought with traditionalism , soon , shall be labeled " Far Right ". And by whom ? Assuming they mean ' The National Socialist Democratic Party ' , the SOCIALIST Democratic Party , of '40's Germany , by the Mainstream-Party Press Spokesman , the media , who , long-ago , with most people's consent , and with TODAY'S consent , each time you buy a paper , and has abandoned any pretence to neutrality.
    Welcome , as I said , to my world.
    Even though this " Right " , of which their deliberate misnomer speaks , ( and is accepted by the burger-chewing mob who shall never , ever think ) , has always been leaderless, inasmuch as it's divided , your ownly choice now is to capitulate , allow your sons-and-daughters-sons-and- -daughters to be neutered and spayed , start having sex with AI machines , and ignore what the Bible correctly prophesized long ago : ( sic ) : " In the end , they shall live for their stomachs " : or , you can resist.
    Romans 1 26-27 : amen.
    Good luck to each of you.

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