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  1. Working at a wedding venue in an affluent suburb for a single summer will kill any desire to attempt to have a unique, 'quirky', or otherwise Pinterest-worthy wedding. You see up to ten different expensive weddings per week, and every time they seem to genuinely believe that they are the first person to ever use whatever cliché concept they've chosen. And every single one is exactly like all the others. The 'unique' ones are when it's someone's second marriage and they just don't care.

  2. god bless them for this.. wedding vids like these ALWAYS bugged me; and worse because of how so many basic people seemed to be annoyingly obsessed with them. ("omg best wedding evar. i will make everyone have to sit through this at my wedding.. and i'll do the exact same thing! that means we won't EVER get divorced!")

  3. One of my best friends told her girlfriend if they ever get married, if she tried to sneak ANY “tacky, hipster rainbow shit” into their wedding, she would personally drive her to an empty field for a 2 days so she could think about what she did. Her girlfriend responded by saying there would also be a ban on choreographed dances of any kind, as well as pictures of people’s feet in a circle and/or “heart hands.” I think they are going to have the most tolerable wedding I’m going to attend.

  4. so many mostly white men in the comments of this and so many portlandia videos are so clueless! they think portlandia is anti-portland weirdness/quirkiness/liberalism/feminism, etc, but portlandia is fred and carrie making fun of themselves, their friends, their culture, and their favorite city. They are both feminists and very liberal. This show does not support your sexist, basic boring right wing man-agenda.

  5. It was the first one I laughed with, found some readable link to it and got why it is supposed to be funny. I think. All the others are just gags with no content. Not totally unfunny, but only gags.

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