31 Comments on “President: Gay rights 'of no importance' in Kenya”

  1. Why are people with common sense wasting their times arguing with the LGBT or homosexuals as a whole? What are they going to do if we refute and refuse their sick lifestyle? People around the world tell them "no," and if they attempt to force it on us by getting physical, just begin to fight back, and I mean hard!

  2. The majority of Kenyans don't give a shit about gays.
    Politician wants to stay in power so he goes with what the majority wants.
    End of story.
    Liberal journalist tries to back politician into a moralistic corner. (Who knows why?)
    Politician reiterates his stance as a public representative of the current political will of the country.

  3. Praise Yah! Homosexuality is against the laws of The Most High God of the Bible. As a Black man in America who is now awake, I realize that we have learned the ways of our oppressor. Our culture did not approve of this practice. Our ancestors kept the laws of Yah until we went into slavery (Israelites) in the land of Egypt. In that Egypt, we learned the ways of those people and Yah produced circumstances to cause us to cry out to our God. Fast forward to the new Egypt (America). We are engaged in the practices of our oppressor, to include homosexuality, Christmas, Halloween and Easter bunnies. All pagan to the core. Now it seems that Israelites (Blacks) are being attacked at every turn by white cops and citizens. I understand what's happening. Many don't. It is time to seek our God Yah to intervene and bring judgment upon those who come against us. It is prophesied that we will leave this land and nothing will stop Yahs word from coming to past. Stand strong African nations because you will be blessed for doing so. America will be the #3 world economy soon. She is falling apart literally. Like to know why? Godless and immoral. Coming against His chosen ones. ISRAELITES) it Blacks in America. Yahweh said that marriage is between a man and a WOMAN. He hasn't changed with mans times. With that said can 2 men and 2 women truly be married? Only in mans sight! Those marriages are abominable shams. Everything said here is backed by Yahs scriptures.

  4. “I think you’re going to get yourself in trouble”…

    Be gone DEVIL!!! Your weak threats will not shake our strong and mighty people ✊?
    your culture is at the end of its reign. The godlessness, debauchery and abject decadence will not go unpunished by the Holy God!

  5. I think a gay man would not think about his sexuality when their is not food for the country well spoke president everyone is protected by the same laws ….we have more problems to tackle rather than sexually preference….African be aware they alway try to disrupt our development..they will issue a paper in Europe to a gay than a asilo seeker…

  6. I don't agree with the president of Kenya but why this journalist says he will be in trouble…she would never said that to the Saudi Arabia king or to Putin or Kim Jong

  7. As a Saudi, I need to say that Americans should know that their stupid issues and values don't mean shit to the rest of the world. do your ting and let us do our ting ffs.

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