41 Comments on “#ProudBoys Trends, Karamo Brown ends engagement & Clarence Thomas Wants to End Marriage Equality”

  1. Sorry to hear about the death of the porn stars . Rip to you two. Kamero sorrry hear about your break up from your long time relationship. Frist time i saw him was in real world " Philadelphia

  2. Hello Victor I am not gay and also not an American, but i wish you and other people who are under threat from these evil Republicans. People have to vote and ensure your country does not go back to the 1950, all rights matter.

  3. There was no bait and switch with AR Fox. At one point in the porno his blindfold comes off and he willingly continues having sex with the guy he previously thought was a girl.

  4. You couldn't pay Karamo to touch a black man. He wants to be a token for the white lgbtqiyfeksv movement, so he 'doesn't see color', even when looking in the mirror…

  5. I like the concept of your channel, but as a gay man with self esteem, I cannot support your channel. You come off as a straight sympathizer to often and I find it off putting. To say that Ryan, or even Noah…the dude fired from Love Island, were tricked into being in gay porn is so silly. They knew exactly what they were doing. Why do so many gay men continue to coddle closeted or self-hating men? “Oh, he’s not really gay, he just needed money” or “Nothing is wrong with g4p, everybody has to eat.” Why are gay men so eager to cap for men who don’t give a rat’s behind about them? DId you see how Noah responded? He played the typical “straight” guy victim card and said it was the gays who FORCED him into doing gay and SWORE they would never release it. Come on! Is it because you all have a vested interest in these men and secretly love the idea of them being straight so it can fulfill a fantasy for you? I seriously do not get it. Every time you call these men out or they’re exposed, there’s literally a gay man defending them. Again, it’s so off-putting and self loathing.

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