45 Comments on “#ProudToLove – Celebrating Marriage Equality and LGBT Pride Month”

  1. Guys guys settle down. Being LGBT+ is awesome and so is being straight. But the moment you bring down someone for something that was out of their control, then there is a problem.

  2. 1st. There are only 2 genders
    2nd. Its not normal to be homosexual
    3rd. If you are gay or lesbians Just be but dont tell other and dont yell at them, because they are heterosexual

  3. I'm crying thank you. you make me want to come out of the closet and I just want some support so thank you for giving me hope that I will some day get it

  4. The rainbow is not and never will be a symbol for anything except, God's promise to not destroy the earth He created with another flood. Marriage is between one man, and one woman. Two men can not be married. Two women can not be married. Just ask the creator of marriage Himself, God. God also destroyed sodom and ghomora for the homosexuality and perversion of the people who lived there. God's mind hasn't changed. The truth will make you free.

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