38 Comments on “Raw: Obama applauds same-sex marriage decision”

  1. It's in the bibel that man was made for women not man for man or women for women god destrod the world before because of all the gay and to enore god when god made man for women so obam is anti Christ wake up people

  2. That's why u see so much gays on tv maken u think this is how your kids need to be brain wash your kids to say u are gone do what they see on tv and obam presdent so people will lesson to him but it's been on tv showing u more gays on tv magazine and entenet train kids mind people say they where born gay but I believe god don't make gays devl trick there mind to think they where

  3. If u don't believe me go to the mall or walk down the street u see more gays than u do straight people everywhere u go your kids got to see dude kiss dudes or chick kiss chick that can be conplfuen for a kid to me because they ask u why that guy kiss a nother guy and it's in prison and jail gays because guy wants to have sex with a nother man get out if jail and wants to be with men

  4. That's why I don't watch TV no more because I am tired of sine gays on tv think they gone make me think this is the way u shode be because it's on tv that's why I teach my kids gay is a sin and god don't like it and he made women for men not what tv says amen

  5. Look at what are kids got to go thrue u got the parents telling the kid tell the teacher of someone trying to bully u but the teacher enore your kid and than your kid get suspend for telling on the kid for meessing with them so than your kids goes to school been called snitch everyday than u tell your kid fight back than they get kick out for that so what they spose to do

  6. From 6:387:37 is when I started crying. Growing up as a gay teen to endure bullying and fear that my family may not love me and to hear my president speak in such a way, brings tears of joy to me. I am forever thankful for president Barack Obama.

  7. support gay marriage because I don't support child molesters I believe if you support gays you are child molesters supporter because some of these cases are because someone molested a boy and now he's gay I'm sorry but I don't think that's right do I have to accept the fact that my son was molested as a child and now he's gay because of it and I have to be proud of that hell no

  8. do I have to accept the fact that my son's gay because somebody molested him as a child I don't think that's right. Barack Obama is a child molester , gays don't need to be married they need help

  9. Obama have the spirit from hell who love to endorsed same sex marriage and no we all are not created equal and of we are we all be gay and not straight.

  10. Please do not confuse this as Love this is the spirit of Lust. God has never and will never change his word the Bible. Sex other than father God has decreed it to be is immoral and dangerous to Society and our children.This was a sad day in our country and even sadder in 2019 that (D) are now endorsing late term abortion.

  11. Best American President ever! Though my favourite is still Abraham Lincoln,but he will be in the respect for eternity for a leadership never seen earlier.

  12. Same sex so call it homosexual or lesbians or sodomy . whichever of it homosexual is so far doomed and will make us fail and fall like Sodom and Gomorrah.strongly it's prohibited with the law as well as morality of the society

  13. Everyone on here that is agreeing with this homo bullshit is wrong,its against God an it's unnatural an not normal,I definitely respected Bush's decision he said marriage is for man an woman, not man an man or woman an woman, that is just some un Godly perverted bull crap,you gays know it isn't right that's why you all are so defensive about the situation, man an woman is the only way its supposed to be.

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