Reaction outside Supreme Court after gay marriage decision

Reaction outside Supreme Court after gay marriage decision

People react outside the US Supreme Court after it was announced that states could not ban gay marriages. Video by Stephen Koff, Northeast Ohio Media …



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  1. Catholics that believe gay marriage is a sin make me ashamed of being Catholic. Like seriously the bible is about love and faith. It's about loving everyone. You don't go up to people and yell that they're going to hell. And there are plenty of things from the bible that people don't follow. People only use information that agrees with them. If you gay, straight, bi, pan, or any other sexuality doesn't matter and it's not like people are hurting me by likening someone.

  2. It doesn't. Mostly religious nuts and people that have religious backgrounds that oppose it because it "destroys the sanctity of marriage" Too bad the Christians and bigots forget how "sacred" marriage is when they wanna divorce their 3rd husband/wife. Typical religinuts, their bible rules only applies to OTHER people. There's only 2 vague ass bible verses about homosexuality yet there is like 22-25 verses condemning divorce. Unless you are divorcing because of adultery then you are making a huge sin. So maybe they should focus on the fact that STRAIGHT SANCTIFIED marriage that is soooo fucking sacred and special that's why the divorce rate is 40-50%. So yeah it's not the gays that are destroying America dumbasses.

  3. Real easy to talk Mr. Disappointed because you have never known a time when you couldn't marry the love of your selfish life. If your rights were at stake you'd be throwing quite the tantrum. Run along now little troll.

  4. TO everyone who says same sex marriage is a sin just hush no one needs to hear u IM GAY HAI HELLO I really hate saying same sex marriage CUZ it should just be called marriage CUZ THTS what it is we r getting married to the person we love and if u don't like the well u can leave CUZ rights are rights

  5. I love how the douchebag from Michigan thinks that civil rights of a vulnerable minority should be subjected to the whims of the majority.  Most of whom are swayed by the last commercial they saw, whether the information it contained was valid or not.  Why do you think we have a Supreme Court?  I bet if the decision had been in your favor you'd be singing a different tune…homophobic (probably closeted) prick.

  6. You know. .I'm not against gay marriage. .or actually anything that an individual wants to do. ..but it goes to prove that religion is a made up idea used to control us. .and that it changes it stance constantly. ..the bible is a load of crap written to control us

  7. you notice that the lgbt side is much more colorful and cheerful (before AND after the victory) while the "natural marriage" side is in business suits

  8. If you don't support gay marriage, you really need to put a noose around your neck because you don't belong in this advanced world. And this is coming from a straight woman.

  9. How anyone can call these union's a marriage is beyond me because these so called marriages can never be consummated do to the fact that the human anus is not a sex organ nor is the human mouth a sex organ

  10. Love is love. It really should NOT be a problem if the two consent, and are not under the influences. I think that some people who are homophobic are subconsciously jealous of the gays because they don’t have the kind of love they want, when the gays do.

  11. Same sex marriage directly opposes God's command: Gn 1: 28 "Be fertile and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth." and is a mocking to Jesus' word : Mk 10:6-9, (6) But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. (7 ) For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, (8) and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. (9) What therefore God has joined together, no human being must separate.

  12. Well adjusted?  Sodomy is being well adjusted?Yikes —–someone is just simply screwy in the head.Sodomy is not LOVE.The anus is a exit point, not a entry point.

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