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  1. I disagree with Reza. If someone is taught from childhood that homosexuality is an insult to god and recognize that their religion is against it, that person will defend that assertion.

  2. Why did Bill attack that guy about his religion? It'd be acceptable if that was the subject of the debate. But I don't wanna see an argument regarding gay marriage get sidetracked by a discussion on Muslims. C'mon.

  3. Did he really just try claim he's all for equality?
    He called out how Muslims are supposably all the same by saying how they don't accept gay rights and when the Muslim man tried to say they're not all the same, such as himself because clearly he's acceptance of it all, the Host presenter says how he's wrong.
    Then again when the woman stated things about women not being much different then men and how after marriage they both expect one another to be faithful to the marriage. Then the Host presenter compares it to toast and how a man shouldn't have to have to stay with one woman all his life and how it's like eating toast for the rest of your life.
    If you don't want to be with just one woman all your life, don't get married!
    His attitude towards everything he spoke about is rather disgusting. He may be acceptance of same sex marriage and gay right. But he is NOT with other rights, clearly. Awful TV Host and a disgusting human.

  4. Watching this again reminds me how often Bill is so wrong when he speaks about woman.  I am over 50 and most of my girlfriends are over 50 and we want to be and are sexually active.  I am single and sex has never been better.  Many girlfriends are married and for them sex has never been better.  Bill should attempt dating a woman over 50 (especially now that he is 60) and maybe he can speak the truth on issues such as these.  I date younger men and men my age and there is no difference.  Many younger men understand that older woman are free and open and more experienced .  Just needed to stand up for mature woman!

  5. i think Bill was missing the point that the reason why America isn't like Saudi Arabia is because of the separation of church and state. If America followed ''Christian values'' as part of the law, America would be just as bad as Saudi Arabia. People do use ideology to express their own bigotry, it's not religion that forces you to do it.

  6. The interaction between Maher and Mr. Azlan kinda bothered me. Believe me, I'm no fan of religious apologists, but Maher should realize that Azlan is a westerner at heart and thus is more secular on religious issues. Plus, it's obvious to anyone who's ever seen Azlan what he's gonna say. I didn't really understand the point of bringing it up in this debate.

  7. Discussion which side a judge should be on is onworthy of a democratic state of law. As if it was a question of law if gay couples should be allowed to marry…..
    "Land of The Free, Home of The Brave"….. but afraid of gay people just minding their own business… guess it's more like "land of the unfree, home of the cowards" then….

  8. how anybody could possibly give a fuck if two gay people love each other and want to get married is ridiculous, mind your own fucking business and let people do whatever makes them happy. gay marriage shouldn't even be an issue

  9. In Islam homosexuality is an abomination. This reward sets you outside this Faith. Like Bill said, the penalty is death. This is why Muslims do not practice homosexuality.

  10. Did the seth Green called the gay people butt fuckers, Butt fuckers butt fuckers Seth Green called homosexuals butt fuckers. Sounds as if they were cracking all kinds a joke. They weren’t PC are they going to get their $250,000 fines.?

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