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  1. If only it were that simple. Marriage becomes a government concern when children are involved. Then it becomes a socialization issue. You did not deal with the real deal at all. Most people have no issue with people making private decisions based on their own beliefs. It's when you are making these decisions for children, adoption, etc. that it is a thornier topic. It's the same with abortion. It deals with making lasting decisions that impact another life/lives. As for the Biblical examples you mentioned, God never condoned the "many wives". And the new testament clarifies this. Biblical stories, history, is full of flawed human beings being saved by Grace. No one lives up to God's design for our flourishing.

  2. Homosexuals do not inherit the kingdom of God they burn in torture in hell for eternity repent from your lust and moral filth

  3. As an ex bi person I think that it is wrong. If it wasn't I wouldn't have changed. It still you love tho cause I passed my history exam because of your vidoes.

  4. Dumbest thing I’ve seen. There are two genders, just because each person isn’t exactly the same doesn’t take away the fact of there just being two genders. Since the beginning there have been just two genders and most agreed until the dark ages, aka the 2000’s. This is disappointing to see humanity plummet this deep into sin. I can’t even say much more since no one will agree with anything I’d say even with no reason. All I will say is when judgement day comes, don’t be pleading to god/Jesus because you had your chance

  5. Fr though. All of that Old Testament stuff wouldn’t be good source. Cause think about it realistically, you eating pig/shrimp? Go to hell. You divorce your wife? Go to hell. God says you have to love or you are not god, yet it’s unfair for someone to pick who I’m going to love. What if I don’t like them? I feel bad for everyone who gets into arranged marriages.
    I love god and everyone, no matter how many times I say “I hat you.” I don’t mean it literally. Everybody have a fantastic day, ❤️.

  6. For the ones that are homosexuals, they think is not a sin. Babies don't have sex, only when people grow. That means that sexual relations are learned once you are growing and begin experiencing daily feelings. God doesn't immediately punish people for doing wrong, but one day we all must face a Judgement Day. It is then when all people will understand what is really called sin by God

  7. I don't agree with any of your opinions but that thing you've said that about 2 minutes 20 seconds made me really sad I do feel bad for you although I do not agree with your opinions and you are right no matter what you say I've heard many people's arguments and my opinions can never change there's not because I am ignorant is because I choose to believe my religion tells me but I am only 15 and my opinion might change some day but I think it is highly unlikely now I do not think I'm ignorant for believing what I do and if you disagree with me go fuc yourself

  8. Technically in leviticus it is stated that Having lots of wives is wrong

    (Edit) so technically the david and solomon part is wrong

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