Religious Conservatives Crying over Gay Marriage – "Who Cares?"

Religious Conservatives Crying over Gay Marriage – "Who Cares?"

“As the world reacts to the news that the Supreme Court has completely struck down the Defense Of Marriage Act, perhaps no two reactions encapsulate the …



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  1. TAKE THE POLITICS OUT OF RELIGION…..Why cant you christians keep your religious thoughts to yourselves and ' let live'…….live and let live' remember that????? ISNT THAT WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT?????

  2. Their kids and grandkids can all go get raped by their priests for all I care! You know! None of these mother fuckers think it's a sad day for our children when one of these religious predators get away with abusing children!

  3. TYT used to be an unbiased news source and what made you unique was the simplicity and realism of your opinions !
    Now I’m gettin beat over the head with this pro gay agenda. Honestly I don’t care for it. I respect everyone and I understand they have rights. As a Christian I feel ofended, not because of the support towards lgbt community, but in the way that bash us. Not all of us are close minded, not all of us have a hatred for others and I dislike being represented that way…

  4. They keep saying unelected judges but that is the point if the supreme court. The reason why they are elected undemocratically and serve for life is so they can uphold the constitution without having to worry about getting votes.
    Example. If the judges that ruled during Brown V the Board of education had to be elected, they would of won no souther state.

  5. I know this is late, but it’s funny how Americans are whining about legalized gay marriage and how it will ‘destroy western civilization’ while Canada had legalized gay marriage years before America did.

  6. If they really believe this so much how come they don't go to Israel since they consider Israel the chosen one which is really hilarious how come look at the movement that's happening with gay and Israel why don't they go out there and protest if they believe this so much I bet you they won't do it in Israel

  7. As one that is not stupid enough to get married and divorced to be a slave to alimony I don't know why the gays want it so badly. But if they do want to get married let them. And I would agree to let polygamists have many wives as that train wreck would be entertaining too. Otherwise the conservatives can hot poker marriage up their asses as all you need is to hire a woman to clean your house and to get some action every once in awhile. Nobody really needs marriage and if I saved people from it in this post I have done my job.

  8. Why do religious people keep claiming that equal rights for gay people will mean 'the end of the world'? I mean, they make gay marriage legal in more and more countries and the world hasn't stopped turning. Society's still standing.

  9. I hate to burst your bubble Christian marriage has been an institution has been around before Christianity its call handfasting a PAGAN sorry suck it up butter cup

  10. The USA has the bachelor who wants to marry a millionaire and statistics tell us the over 50% of marriages end in divorce and it's all the same over here in the UK marriage like most of life hasn't been very religious for along time and who cares the whole religious aspect as used to bash gays is only ever used by bigoted turds who use it as an excuse and guaranteed most of those people can't tell you where it is

  11. That Jesus Christ preaching love we’re against it”. Said the Romans. They crucified jesus.

    What is different about christian bigots, CRUCIFYING everyone else?

    Bigoted Christians the new romans. Hateful people.

  12. Gays shift their self-hatred onto everyone else. Fill a room full of only gays and they bicker and make sexist remarks about each other.  No one in the conservative world really cares..

  13. Sodomy is in fact a sad activity——The supreme court made a political decision—not a constitutional decision. The anus is a exit point, not a entry point!   Sodomy is not love just as pedophilia is not love.

  14. Personally I feel like marriage is an antiquated tradition and it really has no place in modern society. That being said… I am gay and fully support straight marriage. That's right straight people, you have my permission to exercise your human rights.

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