18 Comments on “Remembering the riot that sparked an LGBT revolution”

  1. The Stonewall Inn has been an important landmark in the fight for equal rights and thus deserves the title of national monument. ? ? ?? ?

  2. 3 islands—-1 has a female and a male—-1 has a male and a male—-1 has a female and a female———which one will go forth and multiply as God wanted——that's what we call normal

  3. I have to point out that if you actually do your RESEARCH CBS, Drag Queens, Drag Kings, and transgender individuals were a major force in the riots as well. It wasn't JUST about gays & lesbians.

  4. Correction it was a riot and violent insurrection over the proper legal arrest at an illegal bar, drug den and prostitution ring. These perverts and violent street bums destroyed major sections of a downtown New York neighborhood. They assaulted civilians and police. They are not heroes. They are not revolutionaries but violent criminals and terrorists. It must not be listed as a national monument. It does not deserve to be listed as a national monument. CBS is propaganda and fake news.

  5. too bad we didn't blow it up we wouldn't have this queer problem today we let their disease spread all over the world

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