Revealing Titania McGrath & UK Thoughtcrime Enforcement | Andrew Doyle | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Revealing Titania McGrath & UK Thoughtcrime Enforcement | Andrew Doyle | POLITICS | Rubin Report


Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Andrew Doyle creator of the fictitious character Titania McGrath. He (writing as Titania) is the author of the new book …




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  1. Ask because so many of our schools can not graduate children who read at grade level. Is the wokeness on campuses a cover for the universities inability to teach?

  2. if all adults would take and treat those brats as what they are .. brats who need discipline .. the woke would bs disappear out of the young generation ..

  3. 22:10 because they deem themself righteous and you immoral .. and by that they have the perfect excuse to treat you like you're not human
    that's 1:1 the same what happened in nazi germany, soviet russia, mao's china, …
    when people are convinced they're doing something righteous and they're fighting evil .. by being cruel towards .. "evil"

  4. Prince Harry and his D-list actress wife MM are amongst this spoiled, rich, entitled idiotic brats claiming to be woke and preaching to the rest of the world. Hypocrites and a waste of skin….all these woke idiots.

    You two are at the younger GenXer side. As a GenXer at the older end of the scale, let me tell you we are not for this woke BS.

  5. I love the way Critical Drinker’s “strong female character” is frequently portrayed in a way that makes it appear she can only be strong by virtue of being surrounded by men who are incompetent, feckless, duplicitous, treacherous, etc. Not exactly empowering.

  6. Only thing I took away, 1st amendment, eternal vigilance is price of liberty. Hey check out how Katie Hopkins been threatened, read her rights cautioned, over a column in newspaper.

  7. “Fire in a crowded theatre” comes from a US Supreme Court case during WWI, the holding of the majority decision was that the government could censor those who criticize the war, because protesting the war could cause a panic… it’s a phrase inherently steeped in state censorship

  8. they are the very bullies they say they are oppressed by it's a freaking joke!! how they don't see they are being played like played like puppets by the leftist elite. They think they are BETTER then everyone.. and they need to think for you because you don't have a brain to think for yourself!.. and every time these SJW's rise up you are just being a Bully to someone for someone who thinks of you as less then! regardless of who you are.. Critical and Logical thinking didn't suddenly stop working because alot of these so called social justice warrior people surrendered their's! lol.. There is no justice in what they do.. bunch a bullies period!.. if anything that is the bigot and intolerant ones!!!

  9. The tolerance of opposing viewpoints expressed and argued out it polite and respectful discussion. The ability to count as friends those who hold diametrically differing opinions to you. Christopher Hitchens legacy is in good hands.

  10. Concerning the "learned stupidity" Possibly, they are just intellectually lazy , but want to appear like they aren't. So, they invent a phrase that sounds good (like a catchy tune in a song, that keeps playing in your head over and over throughout the day) in order to deflect from any real conversations, which would expose their lack of actual thought on the matter. A smoke and mirrors kind of game. Then again, I'm not in their head listening to how they are processing things, so it is hard to tell for sure. Possibly, they are just evil people who like to control others, and they found this way is very effective. Maybe, they are just Narcissists. I came across one of them once in my life, and it was a terrible experience. They are masters at brainwashing people, and lack any empathy towards other human beings. They love to play mind games with people, and they love to make themselves appear really good at everything, when in reality they simply aren't. They have a lot of pride, and are chronic liars. That could be the core of the problem. It would be interesting to see what others suggest.

  11. I agree, that we many times assume what someone is thinking. I see that a lot on comment sections. I try to intervene and suggest to them, why don't you just ask them what they are thinking because we are not mind readers.

  12. Listening to this in August – from the perspective of having been in Covd 19 Lockdown – and I don't think either of them would be so sure that Trump will win in November now – a week is a long time in politics but months of Lockdown is a game-changer.

  13. I suspect that people with "posh" backgrounds are aware at some level that they cheated to get where they are.

    To stay where they are, they cheat some more, and go with the winds of fashion.

  14. The greatest thing about the leftist/progressives denying the truth so vigorously is that the jokes basically write themselves now. It would be hysterical if it wasn't so sad. I'm actually not sure if they will "wake up" or not (the real woke). I'm not an optimist by nature though. I only see it getting worse.

  15. “I want the state to have power, I don’t want the state to have power…” Simplification, but his brand of politics is so nuanced most people don’t understand how that type of system can exist with positive legal results for society.

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