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  1. The reason you don't "punch a guy in the nose" for no good reason, Mr. Warren, is because you know that it would be wrong. That knowledge is innate, objective and universal (more or less.) You can't say the same thing about homosexual sex or love or marriage. There is nothing innately wrong with those things. They do not violate the golden rule in any way, shape or form. It's only when you apply the arbitrary pronouncements of "god" do they become wrong in your mind.

  2. It's clear the folks who wrote the scared, ignorant and bigoted comments below got their morality not from the innate kindness we're all born with but from a book. A book of horrifying, hypocritical and contradictory morality plays.
    A book whose main character is a supernatural being who says he loves all men but then not only condones but orders genocide, rape, child abuse, torture, slavery, and the worst kind of misogyny imagined. If I based my morality off of that, I'd probably be a hypocritical, hateful asshole, too.
    Scary bedtime stories that men wrote and repeated again and again over the centuries to scare the crap out of the masses and control them through fear do not make for good public policy — or any kind of morality for that matter.

  3. Who cares if they are born gay or decided to become gay. It should not be political. Everyone should choose how they want to live just don't push it on other people. If you push your views on other you will avoided. That is why this should not be political because the government wants to tell me I have to go along other peoples views. How would you like it if I was a bible thumper and the government said you had to respect me?

  4. Why would we try convince ourselves of anything. That means you're tricking your brain. Gay people are wrong and perverted…. Our world is wrong not the Christians who have believed the same way for thousands of years. But you want us to believe we were wrong the whole time. No…. No. Gay people have a mental illness. Period. So does piers fag Morgan

  5. Gay people they are not born Gay it comes through exercise or being raped by Gay people and there is a demon behind it this you will see manifested when Christians with full of Gods power pray for them then they will be free this shows you they are not born gay. come to Africa like Nigeria and go to tb Joshua he is Gods prophet he will pray for them they will be free and follow the word of God.

  6. People are born in Sin, everyone has something they struggle with and some folks bondages seems harder to break than others, perhaps thats because some Sin is abomination therefore having a much more powerful hold on their life. Good News is Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) paid the price for that Sin too, and will deliver anyone who will turn to Him, and keep turning to Him until you are free. The Blood He shed is enough to deliver you from any and every bondage of Sin. Problem is people don't want to be delivered, instead they have Parades holding signs showing how Proud they are of their Sin. We are not responsible for being born into Sin, however we are responsible for repenting, by Humbling ourselves before God and believing that God sent His Son to die for the punishment for our Sins and to break every bondage.

  7. Thank you Pastor Rick for standing your ground with Pierce and the Letting God's word stand for Truth and not Swaying it.No we are not born Gay! No Same sex marriage either

  8. Pleassseee. Truth is truth. The Bible is standard for morality whether u like it or not. Go against God, u lose everytime. Without it a depraved mind and country that will start losing. Thanks Rick 4 sticking with truth

  9. It wouldn’t bother me? The jury is still out! Shame on you Rick Warren ….That’s God’s word, no one needs another watered down Christian

  10. I will never understand the obsession of so called heterosexual men with homosexuality. What it reveals to me is that they have homosexuality on their brain. People who secure with their sexual orientation don’t think what others do sexually…they just don’t care.

  11. Piers: “they are born that way so how can you say it’s wrong”

    Warren: “a lot of the desires We are born with aren’t good at all”

    Piers: “but if they’re born that way how can you say it’s wrong”

  12. The thing is, I believe their is something out there but if this god is real, I don't want to have no restrictions in my life, like relationships with a man. I really don't get the problem with it we are over-populated already what difference is it going to make, half of the people in the world have already broken the bible laws and they state to say "Oh it's fine I prayed" well you know what? I prayed then and all my 'sins' are gone. Happy?

  13. True, not everything natural is good. But honestly, how cant you compare you cheating with gay folks living their sexuality out. Who do they harm with their lifestyle? Why is it wrong? Because christ says so? What a ridiculous reason. Yall are cheeps

  14. Homosexuality is of the devil clear cut and dry. It didn't come from some gene and it definitely didn't come from God.this so called pastor is a fraud and probably some foolish liberal .

  15. Only reason that this poor excuse of a preacher don't wanna explain that in the bible homosexuality is wrong is because he don't want to offend half his congregation. If he do that he will drive that money part away.if it's in the bible and you claim to be a real preacher it must be preached!

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  17. The is no gay gene, that makes a person attracted to the same sex…God made known sexual boundaries for mankind and it's his choice; if he choose to indulge in such acts…

  18. “Sometimes I get angry and feel like punching a guy in the nose, but I don’t. Sometimes people are naturally attracted to the same sex but rightfully marry and ruin the life of an unsuspecting member of the opposite sex. Tomato, tomatoe”

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