31 Comments on “Romania: 'New Right Wing' protest LGBTQ rights movement and Bucharest pride parade”

  1. Awesome, some people have not been cucked by aggressive TV propaganda, shill politicians or loud angry virtue-signallers who support anything homo. Most westerners are cucked. Or they have been duped by "liberal" dogmas such as "as long as it doesn't hurt anyone" or "as long as it isn't imposed on me" or "individual rights to choose how to live" blah blah.

  2. This is the only topic I agree with RT agenda…. Europe needs to go back to tradition, family , and protecting its interest and future: childbirth rates and care in a normal family, from a normal marriage. Marriage has since dawn of time always been the communion betwen the different 2 sexes, a man and a women. Gays can have their private relationships I dont care but… they should not be titled "marriage".

  3. Yes, because we feel we have to force our dumb and fucked up opinions on people an take away others rights. That's want this protest means to me. Just a bunch of douches.

  4. I'm a Romanian who supports LGBT. People should live as they wish and if someone makes a mistake, they pay for it, not those who judge and insult the others! Being lesbian/gay/bi/trans is not a choice but being a homophobe is.

  5. I'm actually from Romania and I'm sorry for the others who see what is happening in this country. It s disgusting. People are protesting for Lgbt but not for polluation.

  6. Asa mi ar plăcea sa iasă în fata cei care sunt gay casatoriti, cu copii și cu soț/sotie..sa vad reacția creștinilor când vad ca poate soțul soția.. Fratele sora vecinul vecina aparțin comunității LGBT.. Nu de alta dar extrem. De. Mulți se ascund de teama de a nu fi marginalizați.. Dar atât pot romanii.. Ei sunt creștini.. Și săraci..

  7. sunteți nebuni și închiși la minte… Sper din suflet ca organizația voastră “Noua Dreaptă” să fie ilegalizată în România! SUNTEȚI NEOFASCIȘTI, NOI VREM O ROMÂNIE DEMOCRATICĂ.

  8. Do these people realize that Trump stands with the LGBT community? The trump administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in other countries??

    You can‘t make this idiocy up.

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