Rudy Now Investigating Whether Biden Voted ‘5,000 Times’ In Philly, Claims ‘Dead People Voted’


The former mayor of New York City will be leading President Donald Trump’s legal efforts to preserve his temporary lead in Pennsylvania as millions of votes remain to be counted.

Eric Trump announced Rudy Giuliani’s role “leading the legal effort” at a Wednesday afternoon press conference in Philadelphia.

Giuliani began by attacking the judge overseeing his Pennsylvania case as “obviously a political hack” before pushing unfounded conspiracy theories that a single person could have voted 100,000 times in a single election.

He then absurdly claimed that former Vice President “Joe Biden could have voted 50 times or 5,000 times!”

Politico’s Christopher Cadelago noted that Joe Biden isn’t even a registered voter in Philly. He also noted that “mail voters cannot vote 50 or 5,000 times.”

“Do you think we’re stupid?” Giuliani wondered aloud. “Do you think we’re fools?”

“You know something, the Democrats do think you’re stupid, do think you’re fools. That’s why you get called deplorables, chumps,” he explained.

“We’re going to go look at just how many dead people voted here,” Rudy also claimed before introducing former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who represented Trump during his impeachment proceedings involving another right-wing conspiracy theory.

Eric Trump, Giuliani, Pam Bondi and Cory Lewandowski all falsely claimed Trump had won Pennsylvania.


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