RuPaul to Host “Saturday Night Live”

RuPaul is sashaying from the main stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race to Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Center.

Saturday Night Live has announced its guests for two upcoming episodes. Feb 1 will be hosted by JJ Watt and Luke Combs, and the Feb. 8 show will be hosted by Mutha Ru.

Sadly, the Emmy-winning Drag Race host will not be pulling double duty as host and musical guest. Justin Bieber will be performing on the Feb. 8 episode.

This is not entirely surprising since SNL has been writing Drag Race jokes into sketches for a few seasons now. From Chris Pine playing a closet Drag Race superfan to Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren pulling a Sasha Velour rose petal reveal on a recent episode.

We can only imagine what staff writers like Julio Torres and Bowen Yang are thinking to do with Mama Ru. Maybe he will be the newest employee at Sara Lee?

This will be RuPaul’s first time hosting the SNL, but it is not his first appearance on the show. As EW points out, Ru sashayed across Studio 8H’s stage before during a sketch in a 1993 episode hosted by Charles Barkley.

Who’s camping outside 30 Rock with us to snatch some SNL tickets?

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