49 Comments on “Russian Political Ad Bashes Gay Marriage | The Moscow Times”

  1. Ahora si le cayó mierda al abanico. Esta gente si inventa vrgs locas. La realidad es otra. Si pa adoptar te tienes q someter a un vrgero de pruebas y estás tipas ni pendientes de que el tipo es gay

  2. So.. what kind of orphanage workers are they? really they didn´t know that the parents are gays?? What??? Russia gifts children to everyone as ice cream or what??
    hahaha this video made my day hahahahaha … this video is too stupid to take it seriously

  3. Well that was bizarre!
    This looks like a dream from an anti-LGBT religious figure who thinks this kind of thing ever happens!

  4. I wish Russia, a country with rich history and culture, would be a pioneer in the rights of people to love who they love. The homophobic attitudes in the country are such a shame

  5. Who would have that Russia, once the ultimate source of leftism in the world, would become one of the few bastions of commonsense conservative values. It must hurt liberals knowing the LGBTs cannot force their agendas on the whole of Russian society.

  6. do you think the actors who portrait these gays were letter recognized and beat up on the street? seems like something that would happen in Russia..

  7. I don’t care if your gay but keep it to yourself and your partner!! After this reform Russia needs to bring back the royal family to show the world the orthodox model of a normal family!!! God bless Russia!!!

  8. What a stupid ad. I bet the kid will be so happy once he discovers having two parents that can be themselves and not put up with all the religious oppression and bullshit lies is so much better than having an abused mommy and a drunk dad.

  9. 77% of russians adopted constitutional reforms. So, no more ‘Parent 1 & Parent 2’. Only mother & father. This is example of normal society to all world.

  10. America, you could learn a lesson from Russia. I guess Neil Cuckmann is disgusted by this ad, didn't he also push gay parenting in The Last of Us Part II?

  11. Enserio jamas entenderé a los homofobos, que os importa que hace la gente?? Os cambiará la vida o algo? Dejad que las personas sean felices y contentos por como son.

  12. Everyone keeps saying "God bless" and "thank God", but I have no idea which one we're talking about. Could someone please clarify?

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