29 Comments on “S. Korea Christians Protest Gay Rights Festival”

  1. A mother can love her son even if he is a gangster, she will tell him he is in wrong doing because she loves her child and wants to see him grow to the greatest potential he has. Just like the mother, we Christian's love you, but we do not love and accept your sin, and we will tell you you are wrong because you have more potential than you think.

  2. Christians like this give us other Christians bad names like I don’t hold anything against gay people one of my best friends are bisexual but God doesn’t hate people who are gay its hate the sin but love the person

  3. There is nothing inherently wrong about homosexuality but homosexuality is considered un-Korean due to Korea's long embedded conservative Christian and/or Confucianist principles.

  4. What Gabriel the "angel" said made no sense. He says Christians don't know their Bible because disagreeing with homosexuality is not loving. It goes back to that argument that disagreeing with someone is hateful.

  5. YASS!! Keep fighting the good fight our Korean brothers and sisters!! Let the blind spit their hate and let it fall onto increasingly deaf ears. Just enjoy your festival because love is love, and time will show it.

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