31 Comments on “Same-sex marriage is now legal in Taiwan”

  1. And the agenda continues. Infect the world with this nonsense and recruit our youth because they cant procreate. Dont believe me? If you are gay or support gays you've already been indoctrinated. Baaaa baaaa sheep.

  2. I pronounced you husband and husband? I pronounced you wife and wife?. Hmm it doesnt sound rights.

    What if i pronounced you red and green? Like the rainbow flag? It sounds rights.

  3. Taiwan has just learned that "democracy" is a scam, where the government is run by a small clique of extremely powerful people. They tell the common man that he gets a say in order to trick him. Unfortunately, most people are too stupid to realize this.

  4. What happen to human kind? This is really sad news. My condolences to Taiwan People. Having same sex marriage make all people nowdays is getting sick mind and mental.

  5. So the Taiwanese people didn't want that law to pass and the government passed it anyways? Also their president is a woman who calls for "true equality" and the law has the number 66 on it? Jesus we truly are living in the endtimes.

  6. Effective 24.05.2019 Taiwan legalises Same Sex Marriage meaning the Bridegroom 's Bride is a HE while the Bride 's Bridegroom is a SHE : a blatant ABUSE of Human Rights which can spell the END of Humanity just like the Global Warming can result in the Polar Bears going EXTINCT ! Has Taiwan under DPP gone CRAZY with the Gays + Lesbians ?

  7. Ain’t YOU lucky Gays! Ho bout some rights for others who aren’t Gay the new negroe on the block ,yea / nea ? Sure feels good , but remember things can always go backwards.

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