26 Comments on “Same-Sex Setback: Australia cancels gay marriage law, India upholds ban”

  1. The word marriage is non gender specific for a reason, you have the marriage of parts in assembling items, you have the marriage of gears in a gearbox and now we have loony bigots attempting to force others to live by scriptures they don't even live by themselves and a stupid government caving into lobby group pressure taking us back to the Middle Ages. If you want same sex couples to follow your scriptures the least you should be doing is ensuring you have them with the correct context and be following them yourselves….. For this you she'll be judged!
    Merry Saturnalia (look it up!)

  2. men love women is the natural law…
    wait, there are some beings in world who are wat? some aliens, man searching for some hole and finding most disgusting as******, uffff!
    and wat abt women? without a dic**? come on, if u think ur britan man doesnt satisy u, come to india, our men will giv u charity..

  3. Just saw a comment saying all gays act like the opposite gender. Seriously, wth, can you get your facts straight without using stereotypes which are incidentally not all true?

  4. Oh wow. Just found the word lifestyle. So, me being Asian is a lifestyle too. My race is the same as my sexuality : I was born with it.

  5. Gays should be able to marry whoever they want, just as a straight person can. if you are in love you should not be told you can not get married based on your sexuality. by banning gay marriage it would be going against the the 14th clause of equal protection. America is suppose to be a free country that is what we fight for that is why people come here. how is banning gay mariage freedome? it is not freedom at all, because it is telling you that you may not marry the person who you are in love with just because they do not like the fact that you are gay.
    There is so much contorversy on weather or not we should allow the gays to marry well i say let them. let them be happy, after all you are not around them all the time they are just regular people like you the only difference is that they happen to like the same gender. BIG DEAL get over it it their life not yours who are we to say you cant do that your gay? that is just immoral and wrong.
    Many people say well the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman. yes the bible may state that but does it matter? i dont think so i think that we should base our decision on what is right..I mean honestly it is not like it is going to effect you at all if gays get married. i say let them get married and get over it they deserve happiness juat as anyone else does.

  6. Oh gods, the comment make me wish america had accidently nuked itself. Gay agenda? Gay propaganda?! Gays shouldnt be allo wed to marry because you dont like it? I feel like people who say that automatically lower the iq of their entire city.

  7. Well, finally they will stop fighting for their rights. No more protests and street blockage. I know for sure that I am heterosexual and I have kids, I look after them and both me and my wife do not care about somebody else business. Bring peaceful life and society to place.

  8. This video is now very old. Australia has since legalized same sex marriage in 2017. India, on the other hand, is still a backward country and gay sex is rampant, but behind closed doors. Indians have a serious problem with sex. They need to be more open minded.

  9. Let's not spread diseases, let's not go against the design of nature… Have union live together.. But don't destroy the structure of nature… What's next pedophile?

  10. Ha it's 2019 now and Australia has legalised gay marriage. Looking at the comments from the anti-gay conservatives I'd like to say: ha you fuckers are rotting in hell in the new world.

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