22 Comments on “Same Sex Wedding Video – Four Seasons Maui, Hawaii”

  1. Congrats 2u both! Beautiful & Elegantly timeless video 2 lovingly share with ur forever family. May God bless ur loved ones1 & I will continue 2 pray 4 u & ur loved . Stay safe & keep dancing!?
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  2. 1 year ago…this to beautiful guys said yes to each other….what a wonderful thing. thanks for sharing with us…respect each other..love each other…and last but not least ……say ever morning….I LIVE WITH YOU AND FOR US.-))

  3. In the 30's my aunt (Italian) couldn't marry an Asian man (Filipino) in California so they had to get married in another state. They were together until death. We've come a long way.

  4. I proposed to my partner on Kauai 2 years ago and we've decided to hold the ceremony in the same spot. This video was beautiful in so many ways and inspiring. But I'm an easy cry baby. I'm wiping the tears now. Hope our photographer can touch up my eyes. Haha! Congrats, you two. What a gorgeous couple!

  5. Can you please give me the list in all the music used in this video? The song title and the artist? Thank you! I love all of it! You're response will be very much appreciated.

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